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Aurora Legend | English


it's a really good game. currently only available in USA/Canada/Australia only with a region lock. negative reviews are european /asian players etc thinking they can play the game when they cant because there is no open server for their regions yet. A lot think a VPN will do the trick, but it wont for a good portion that try. It's an idle rpg gacha that is very cute, story is kind of funny, and theres plenty to do while you are online, then you can leave the game and still gain exp in the background.

Great Moba Game! has some bugs but the developers support team is quick to respond in emails. Only real negative is the amount of bots in lobbies. To get any real points yoy got to organize a Mass Squad with other players.

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As many have already posted here.
Sinoalice Global will be released on July 1st 2020. Having a collab with both games in the Nier Series at launch.
Nexon has shipped the rights of production back to the games original developer PokeLabo, so you can expect the global version to have good treatment and hopefully a healthy future that isn't premium pay based like Nexon would typically do to its games.
The wait is officially over for now, one more reason to get through quarantine 😅
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