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final verdict:
Mixed feelings

- Simple gameplay, has full auto, squadron management.
- Beautiful BGM, nice graphics running on max settings.
- Has plenty of intriguing story involving squadrons, each has unique own storyline.
- Plethora of pilot and plane for your collection.

- A bit hassle to grind if you ran out of skip tickets.
- Minimal involvement in combat, mostly just auto and micro manage your squad comp etc.
- 3-star base pilot has marginally more powerful base stats and faster access to 4th ability, making this game a gacha-centralized game.
- PVP is gacha race, basically burn crystals to grind more materials, and resetting arena attempts. Whales with lots of upgraded SSR pilot will always own arena.
- if you are not lucky and don't bother rerolling like me in this game, stick to PVE.

Just installed this game yesterday, graphic is good, voice actors are on point, story is quite enjoyable for shoujo-ai lover like me. Hope I'm staying for long.

Notes (4) More
I just beat a 74k power stage (tanegashi hard 4) with my 58k power team, it all comes down to formation and pilot abilities at certain point but mostly just Kirie slaying everyone.. (attack type is king) Read Note
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