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Pokémon Sleep


The idea of it is cool but there are "features" of this app that just make it weird and scary. like the fact that it records you every once in a while during the night. That sole fact made me uninstall it. I want to add I was not able to regulate the sound that this has as the volume is just way too high, I couldn't relax with it as it was way too much for sleeping.

Standoff 2


[汗顏] what a terrible game. Gosh, the controls and the connection make it such a piece of crap that I cannot understand how I wasted 2 gigs of storage on it. Cannot recommend it.

So, I started today and I gotta say it's very satisfying to have 10k gems in a game without having to pay a single dime. Besides that, just wanted to let peeps know that the experience had been good. I spent 12 hours so you should know is a very good time killer. The art is nice but some animations are very poor. The story is good but I think it is just too fast-paced. I think a game like this one where there's little to control, should have a bit of extra focus on telling a story with more detail. That's just a personal observation of course. Final thing I want to mention is that I spent $20 just to test the return of it and it is not really worth it. This is a game for whales if you are someone who strives to be on the leaderboard. If you are a casual just like me, every now and then you can spend a bit of money and watch ads every day to support the team developing the game. This is the end of my first impressions of this game.

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