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joseimuke hell
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joseimuke hell
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I didn't think I'd be playing this game but the EN version came out and now I'm obssessed.

Okay so the gameplay comes in three forms. You navigate the stories and play either twistunes (a mini rhythm game) or battles using your card skills as you go through the chapters. I like it. The third form is performing lessons to rank up, raise card levels and raise vignette levels. The lessons are like A3!'s gameplay in a way. It's not bad, it's strangely addicting.

The story is really good so far. It's nowhere close to completion ofc but I love what we have so far. Love it or hate it, the EN localisation did a great job with the translations, it makes me want to keep reading.

I can't say much about the gacha rates since I only pulled for two gachas ever as at this date. But the SSR guarantee is only 100 pulls so not bad. Although I heard the guarantee is for any SSR and not just the featured SSR so... ow.

The art is AMAZING and... this will sound like mental illness but... I found myself dreaming about the cards more than once. THE POINT IS, THE ART IS EXCELLENT

I love all the characters a lot, all are very well written. My faves are Cater, Riddle, Lilia and Floyd ♡ It's a great game, if I got sucked into playing, then you must too

super late review because I'm a coward but
This game is hell... but like, in a good way.

All the characters are so so lovable, like I switch focus on different boys (and Arashi ofc) every week. I'll always be a Tori and Leo producer but everyone won my heart.

The music is very good, very diverse and each unit does a great job. My faves are definitely ALKALOID and Valkyrie.

The rhythm gameplay is fun and challenging. They add those special hellmaps and while I can't clear a lot yet, they're still great for those above my level. The best ones imo are Melty♡Kitchen and Crazy Roulette imo.

The card art is amazing and they're a real step up from the ! era (I love the ! cards btw). I love the MV outfits a lot!!

I can't judge the stories much since I can't read JP but from translations, the stories are INTENSE.

Okay but with all good stuff, here are my gripes. WHY ARE THE GACHA RATES SO BAD OMG??? It's most likely just a me thing but I've been playing since release and I only have 37 5☆s including event 5☆s. I'm too deep into idol hell to give up though. I also think getting materials to raise cards is super hard and tedious.

I love ensemble stars overall and I don't see myself leaving this hell game any time soon

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alternative method to Qooapp, Aptoide and APKpure hey guys I went digging around for an alternative method. I manually googled for "twisted wonderland english 1.0.16".
APKcombo worked for me! it has 1.0.16. But I had to delete and reinstall the entire app so make sure you have your data backed up. I don't know what will lie in store for future app versions, but this should help for now at least. this is why I cannot stress hard enough, RESET AND SAVE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY AFTER REINSTALLING THE GAME, because I predict stuff like this happening again. 
See look I got into my game :D
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