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Lord of Heroes


Graphics: although they used 3D models, it wasnt very laggy to my surprise, it doesnt lag much so im pretty happy with that. The 3D models' animations are fluent as well^^

Sound: I was surprised that they decide to voice over some of the story, the voice acting is rly good tho, better than what I expected! The bgm is also nice to hear.

Gameplay: overall, not bad. Like other turn based rpg, you have a team of recruits to fight, the attack order depends on your team's speed. It is a bit hard to level up since they dont give you much big exp potions and its hard to level up just by playing story quests but it doesnt bother me that much--
like king's raid, you dont play gachas to get new recruits, you have to pay for new recruits, and it does take some time to save up for recruits but they give you various teammates throughout the story and when you first start, you can reserve a 5-star companion and get it after 15 days logging into the game, so i think its okay that way;0 not to mention the starters they gave you are pretty useful!

Storyline: nothing special imo. In the begining, you can choose to be a king or queen and customize your character a bit, then you and your allies will go on to conquer/negotiate with different countries to gain land and stuff. The only problem that I have is that the translation team didnt translate all the contents, even though some people said they intentionally did it, it would be nice to get a fully translated game so i wont be confused halfway through it lol

One of the biggest problem of the game is it consumes battery rly fast and it also uses a lot of data if you are using data usage to play it outside--

Hero Cantare | Korean


The graphics and voice acting are both fantastic, the gameplay is pretty cool, i wasn't bored of it quickly, it's a bit hard to play since i dont understand korean but i still enjoyed it a lot:'D gacha rates are decent, not that hard to get SS and the bgm is fricking amazing!! Plus it isn't that hard to earn diamonds to play gachas, you can already buy 100 diamonds from shop with in game money
It really sucks that i can't read korean, or else I'd love to read the story instead of skipping everything;;

the arts and CVs are obviously amazing, i like how they decreased the amount of diamonds to play the gacha, it makes life way easier than the previous game:')
The songs and rhythm games are great so far, looking forward for more new songs! The 3D models are smooth and the game wasnt laggy as i thought it might be. The office function is pretty cool as well, hope there will be more furnitures to unlock soon:D

The only thing i hope they can change is that I hope they could have voice over the story, im not rly good at Japanese so I struggled hard reading so many kanji at once, in the end i gave up on reading the story rip I'm better at hearing japanese than reading it so this is the only down for me

Disney Twisted Wonderland


The arts in this game is amazingly well done, the seiyuus are fantastic as usual and the music in the game is pretty nice too. The rhythm game is ok, just your average rhythm games, just in a slightly different style.

It kinda sucks how the fights in this game work, you can only choose two ppl to attack and the enemy atacks you twice as well, unlike the usual rpg fights. Some enemies are unusually tough and its hard to beat with the current level sometimes. Plus, it is hard to level up the characters and the gacha rate kinda sucks as well(maybe im just unlucky idk) it also annoys me that after 2-3 eps then it tells you to level up twice before continuing and after lvling up and shit, you go on to see 2 eps and you have to repeat the whole process again like what the heck i just leveled up twice- the tutorial was a bit longer than I'd like but its no big deal cuz even if the tutorial didnt force you to keep readig the story, in the end you still have to read it to progress further

I do enjoy the overall storyline and voice acting, but it doesn't seem like an otome game to me, not that i rly mind but it did say this is an otome game so im questioning it lol

TL;DR If yall looking for sth exciting or action packed games, this aint a good choice for you, if you're interested plots and have the patient for your characters to slowly grow, i guess you can try this lol

BLEACH: Brave Souls


Gacha rate is good, tons of sub stories and beautiful character designs you dont get to see in anime or manga, the spirit orbs arent that hard to get, the amount of orbs needed for gacha is fair-- overall I rly dont have anything to complain about this game, its just that amazing:')

The graphics are beautiful, I love all the map designs in the game!! Bgm sounds really nice and fitting too! Though sometimes accepting sidequests seems a bit abrupt in my opinion-- The story is cool and all but it seems to be jumping all over the places and progressing a bit too fast and confusing to me. But overall it is an amazing game^^

Spectacular artworks and sound effects!



One of my favorite games and a part of my childhood memory:') Love it so much💖

It's an okay game I guess-- writing this down as a reference for ppl who want to play this:
Good parts:
→decent clothing items
→Fun events
↳do give out some free event items as you progress on
→All gachas in the first catergory will let you play it for free once
↳gacha rates are okay (cuz i get rare items occassionally and i am pretty unlucky with gachas sooo lol)
Bad parts:
→many bugs and problems
↳rly laggy and slow to respond sometimes ↳often closes on its own randomly
↳diverse collection of technical problems rip
→Half of the gachas are premium gachas which sucks for free players like me, cuz its hard to save up coins to play it, you can only either buy coins or get free rewards occasionally to get those coins
→(prbly just me but i feel like mentioning it)the event rewards are kinda dissatisfying
↳top 700 have great rewards but then below that ranking, the rewards just kinda suck(e.g. 4 tickets to only 1)
but thats just me‾\_(ツ)_/‾

Beautiful graphics and amazing voice acting!!! Gacha drop rate is actually decent in this game--*is sorta mindblown* I got tons of 4 stars equipments and even 5 star equipments shortly after i started playing--

Wish there can be more characters?? And some animes have 3 characters and with both main and sub positions, yet some animes only get one character with either sub or main only, it's kinda unfair??? Also the game is kinda misleading in terms of character beig featured in this game? Like Toradora, the game showed Taiga's drawing but she wasn't implemented in the game(i assume later?? still it got my hopes up for a sec) And I'm kinda sad that Celty only have a sub and Izaya didn't get a sub, it would be cool to see how main shizuo and sub izaya fight together lol

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