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Just another person who make long reviews of different games~
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Just another person who make long reviews of different games~
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I like what they did with the gameplay, it is fun and all but it gets a tad tedious after awhile;; the gacha rates are somewhat better than the korean version tho? And jp ver has more rewards if i remember correctly. Graphics are fine, some of the chibi animations are a bit off imo but overall still nice to see. But the thing that concerns me is the powering up your characters part, seems pretty grindy so far and you only get like 2 equipment options in shop each day, you can get more in gacha but damn gacha's pretty expensive too when you just started the game--

Your Majesty


A surprisingly interesting game tbh, I didnt expect the production quality of the songs to be so good lmaoo some characters remind me of fgo tho (especially main girl looks really similar to nero--) but the character designs are mostly pretty cool! Gameplay mechanics are decent, some functions are interesting to mess with, I especially like the Sacred and Tyrant skills, the songs and illusts help contributed the overall theme a lot too:') Though I feel like the battle models looked a bit off?? The battling mechanics get a bit tedious after awhile but the skill illust along with the battle theme makes it more enjoyable🤙 Wish there are voiceovers beyond prologue too, would love to hear the characters talk more. Gacha rate... as of rn I havent pulled any SSR aside from the welfare ones so it's ng for me;; but the game overall is pretty cool, will continue playing and see how it goes!

Ngl I would love a rpg instead of this but I gave it a benefit of the doubt and gave it a go, and as I expected it's a mediocre puzzle solving game with mildly infuriating bugs. Long review ahead!

Graphic wise: It's fine, I do enjoy seeing characters in different costumes and parodies, some costumes are really nice too! (At the very least, its better than the anime💀) I also like that some characters have their own animation when certain conditions are met, Christmas Draken and the interaction between Baji and Chifuyu had me aw fr fr😔✋

Sound: Mostly fine, wish there are more different voicelines instead of the same ones over and over though, maybe one more variant would be nice. Also, upon jumping out of the game and returning, the sound would be cut off for the rest of the game for some reason:/

Gameplay: Puzzle solving, nothing groundbreaking, it gets boring after awhile so I just go for a few rounds daily. Each level gives you 40 diamonds for full completion (Clearing with S rank) and you need 3000 for 10 pulls, there is a compulsory 10 pull after tutorial but I dont think you can get 3 stars there (I've tried multiple times, or I just have shitty luck lmfao correct me if Im wrong) Event levels give out a lot more so in terms of grindyness its ok, nothing too bad imo. Gacha rates are ok, nothing too harsh and it has a net so yeah alg ig? One big issue of the missions is that one of them needs you to watch an ad which is kinda ridiculous imo I don't think I have seen much proper games lock your daily completion reward behind an ad but anw you get 50 more diamonds so why not? But I feel like this mission is just a scam in general cuz after watching the ad the game just closes itself and the mission will appear to be incomplete, I tried completing that mission 10 times before succeeding once lmao and I never did that mission again, needless to say I am never watching any ads for this game lol

Storyline: Minimal dialogue that doesnt really relates to the original story, eh it works, again nothing special.

Interesting design in gameplay, I don't think I have played anything like this before so it's kinda cool imo :') though it might get a bit tedious after a while with repeating dialogues. Another point I dislike is that the confusing sudden surge in difficulty in training, specifically the last round where the opposing team just randomly got buffed up 2 ranks for no reason but to spite players💀 yeah not really happy to see that as a weak new player:/ also personal take, I feel like matches that ended in draw should call upon a rematch or one last round to make a definite score, I was expecting a rematch or match point type of stuff when encountering draws
Graphics and Sounds are both amazing but some part of the gameplay infuriates me because it makes no sense lol

Dont have much to complain so far except for the tutorial being a bit too long

Fate/Pixel Wars


gotta love dem fgo april fools with riyo

TL:DR -- I think rather than a great game, it leans more to a good read but requires a lot of patience.

Really good visuals, the character arts, backgrounds and stuff are all really pretty! The sound is decent, nothing sounds off or anything.

Story-wise: I find it intriguing so far, the settings and characters are really interesting! Your choices matter in the story and it might lead you to a bad end instantly. I like that there are investigation scenes where you can interact with stuff. Don't really have much to pick on cuz Im really interested in knowing what will happen next:')

Gameplay wise: So-so. Wouldn't say it's bad but there really isn't much gameplay outside of the story (even in the story there are only minimal gameplay), but considering this is a story solving mystery type of game, I guess I should have expected it lol
On the side note, I really dislike the ticket system cuz it only resets at 5am with only 5 tickets so I basically im either only half way through the chapter or not even half way through-- A bit too time consuming than I like. There is a gacha system here but unfortunately no compulsory 10 pulls:( they gave one ssr ticket at the end of the ch2 to compensate that I think but Im still a bit disappointed. To unlock full voice acting and CG, you have to pay real money for it rather than premium currencies so not f2p if you want a full clear. The story itself is free, you just gotta wait for the ticket regen every day. So far, I have no idea how to earn premium currencies so idk if I'll ever roll the gacha lmao
For the main screen You can change character and background to your liking, the character will say something when being tapped but very minimal dialogue are avaliable.

Welp, that's about it, maybe I'll pitch in a bit more of my thoughts after playing more. Ty for reading so far tho!:)

It's slightly empty at the beginning of the game but it gets more interesting as you go on, so thank god it wasnt as disastrous as its last game--

STORAGE: 3.15GB unsurprisingly high because of all those 3D graphics, models and animations, not to mention a fully voice main story (tysm for a fully voiced story oml!!) A bit laggy but it doesnt hinder the gameplay much so all good

STORY: Original plot from tensura with a slightly different turn, also very quick pacing cuz they had to go through the original plot with a new side story, they have marked the chapters with a different/original plot and so far Im only on the early chapters so I cant comment on how much original story there are;; but it seems like there is an alternate world of tensura, looks rly interesting so far! (Also, you see the story in rimuru's pov)

GAMEPLAY: Overall pretty cool but there are places that could improve. First off, the battle system is somewhat similar to fgo, you have three types of attack and at most 6 attacks (blessing加護, special skill奧義 and skill スキル) You can either link the same type of attack or link the attacks of the same character. The blessing attack can charge the blessing gauge, same for the other respective attacks. The attacks and skill animations are cool and all but the ability of the skills and blessing skill aren't very impressive, was expecting more from blessing skills like veldora, something equivalent to a tactical nuke instead of the same skill that my four star shuuna has lol Special skills are cool as heck though! Another major gameplay mechanic is building rimuru's town, it progresses really slowly since you have to get pass main story and upgrade stuff to make it look more full, you can also interact with your companions there depending on where you're at in the main story (I have ranga, rigurd and gobta rn) you can talk to them and you can see snippets of their daily life from the voiced dialogues.
[Gacha] The gacha rate isnt bad (4% SSR) but I have yet to pull a SSR yet aside from the 2 welfare ones;; (im just very unlucky unfortunately) Edit: upon finishing the review, I pulled 3 SSRs in my 10 pulls amen thank you rimuru our lord and savior)
I feel like the difficulty is a bit too much in the beginning of the game, you barely had anything to level up and you straight up need to have 15,000 and 20,000 for money or training materials?? Rly need some difficulty control here, the main story is asking for constant difficulty increase (and it increases quite a lot between levels) so I have a feeling this game could get grindy as you go on (I guess its good that they have auto battle and speed up controls??) There are also quite a few mechanics to strengthen your characters which is pretty interesting so far (not so much when I have to grind for it;v;) There is also a likeability system where you can give gifts and increase their combat power, not exactly sure about the other benefits yet.
And also behold!!! The great sage as your assistant that can help you when you're not sure what to do!!! Man i love this function a lot!

TL:DR -- Overall, you gotta have some patient cuz this seems like a rather grindy game with the dynamic increase in combat power each level and town building, but it is still an interesting game with the new original plot and gameplay.
Ty for reading so far:')

niconico video


The japanese version of YouTube, overall works nicely but the compulsory ads before videos are annoying. Having ads isnt a problem (and it's not consecutive ads so all good), the ads are mostly really weird and off, it's just trashy content mostly, it is mobile game ad kind of bad;; aside from that, I find it complete bs to subscribe monthly for better video quality, the only quality available is 360p. Just what the heck are they thinking-- tbh the only reason Im using this is because there are some really good nico exclusive content creators here, otherwise I would have just used either YouTube or Bilibili, mostly YouTube.

!Revamped! (because the review wasn't very coherent and I made it at 3am lol)

A good game to kill time, given you have enough storage for this game. If you are looking for a rpg where you can fight alongside harry potter or a rpg with a strong storyline, this is not for you. Warning: Long review ahead! Made it way too detailed lol

STORAGE: A whopping 4.20 GB for all the 3D graphics and live 2D cgs and still lags at times rip Phone would heat up constantly when playing this game, it's a rather demanding game;; also the game is only available in Chinese currently, so yeah;;

GAMEPLAY: This is a card-based rpg game where the player uses a set of cards (spells/summons) to beat the enemy, nothing groundbreaking but it's fun enough imo. They had a system where 4 different players live in a dorm together but that instead made many vacant rooms with only one player (maybe stuff some NPCs in the dorm instead that we can make friends with so MC isn't completely uninvolved with what's happening??) Also, the part where they introduce some new mechanics like the duel club felt a bit forced. The character creation menu is rather limited with only 4 different selections for each category (excluding some side choices inside the categories) but I think the creation options are better than Hogwarts mystery and you can choose from 3 different owls too:')
{Gacha wise} No compulsory 10 pulls unfortunately, but 1 ticket gets you 5 spell cards/companion and tickets are pretty easy to get, complete 5 daily missions for 1 ticket, very f2p-friendly. Plus you can buy discounted packs(1 per day) with gems where you can have a higher chance to get SSRs. Gems are fortunately also pretty easy to gain and save up enough for 5 maximum pulls for 25 cards. There are of course a few micro-transaction elements like battle pass, certain clothing pets etc but overall I don't think it affects the game progress a lot. With that being said, the gold (SSR) card rate is rather low, but SR rates are pretty good, plus even with an all R deck you can still win with proper strategy so not a big problem. (There's a guaranteed gold after 40 pulls so at least they have a net!)
{Gameplay modes} There are quite a few minigames in this game: Dueling club, Classes, Ball, Quidditch Pitch, Forbidden Forrest, School Records.
--Dueling Club--
3 types of duels, single, pair and triple but the third game mode is prbly too much for everyone so it always takes a long time to find a match. Nothing much to say, it's just an arena.
For classes, we have Defence against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms and Divination.
2 minigames for DatDA (catch all cornish pixies & Transfiguration), 1 for HoM (HP knowledge quiz), 2 CoMC (protect pumpkins from gnomes & Fight buckbeak), 1 for Charms (fight against Trolls), 1 for Divination (Redraw the sample drawing in 30 sec and guess what your party members drew) Each minigame requires a different tactic so it's pretty interesting to experiment different method(full offense, assist, summoner etc) Also, I love that there are different classes each day. Hope there are going to be more classes in the future! Would be a waste to not use potions, herbology classrooms etc :')
As a rhythm game lover, I find this a bit lacking due to the unfortunately unavoidable lag in higher levels and really few song choices (6 only) it's not that hard to get full combo even in the highest difficulty (5 stars) after being slapped by the glitch levels in Cytus lmao the detection is not as good as I hoped it would be since I had several notes that went undetected even though I clearly tapped it. But this is not a rhythm game so I'll give it a pass, hopefully the detection and lag would improve later on. Playing high difficulty on phone is a nightmare, I highly recommend using Ipad if you have one, not to mention the phone heat up quite quickly. Also, the notes are really hard to see at first due to the light yellow color and sometimes the notes would pop up in margins, making it hard to notice.
Frustratingly fun, your speed depends on your broom so you either use the free basic broom for the lowest speed or buy the fastest broom using gems, I prefer not to waste my gems here cuz it's kinda not worth it lol You have to dodge people on the track and score, it's a bit frustrating when you just got 1 hp down because the rush gage ran out and you just happened to stop right in front of an obstacle. Also, the fact that the goalkeeper moved to your target right when you pressed to shoot rip my luck is terrible
--Forbidden Forrest--
To conclude, it's just exploration with a pinch of story while fighting with different tactics in various levels. It's fun but it gets a bit plain when the dialogue never changes, maybe a few more variations?
--School Records--
It gets more and more frustrating in later levels. This is a combination of fighting, with a sprinkle of side stories and puzzle-solving. It was interesting at first when it doesn't require grinding through the whole fight, yes I'm looking at you school record 43, you in particular suck a lot) There is also another book within the school records that throws back to HP's original stories featuring the trio (mainly only HP) like finding the secret chamber, fighting Tom Riddle etc. There isn't much important story regarding the current main cast aside from Lottie and Daniel, every story bits are short fragments of the main cast's daily life at Hogwarts.

{Events} So far I've only experienced one event: the chocolate frog event where you collect chocolate frog cards, after collecting a sufficient amount, you will be rewarded an event-themed profile frame and a SSR spell card. Not time-consuming to do at all, you have to complete the same 4 missions every day during the event period until you have enough thought (log in/1, find a certain npc/1, participate in club activity at 9 pm/1, party up with your friend to duel in duel club/1-4: duel once win or lose, you'll get one no matter what, win 3 fights to get the other 3) So yeah a very f2p and non-grindy event. Looking forward for other different events!

STORY: Had flashbacks of pokemon sword and shield plot lmao where the player is not involved at all and only has the perspective of a bystander-- please be noted that only adult hp will appear here and so far he doesn't have a major role in the main story yet. (Haven't seen any other OG cast yet too)
At the start of the game, hp's VA quickly narrated the beginning of hp and the pacing felt really weird to me?? And suddenly it jumped from hp's pov to when MC received a letter from Hogwarts and then to the character creation screen??
This is a new original plot that takes place after harry potter's stories so you have teachers randomly mentioning the trio using this spell to do this do that yada yada-- You get the point. The side characters' reactions were a bit weird sometimes but overall very mediocre story. After going through a bit more of the game, I can safely conclude that there is in fact, only 20% plot in the game, the story is so minimal that I almost forgot there was a storyline;v; The characters were, well, also mediocre, they're there I guess, we don't get to have more side stories about them or have any bonding stories aside from the main story(which ended quite early on) and the snippets of their daily lives which sucked. Wish there were more to these characters cuz it could be pretty interesting if they could expand on these characters and let us interact with them more (like maybe RNG based incident that triggers a side story??)

ART: The live2D arts are mostly good, the 3D graphics/models, however, left something to be desired. Aside from small matters like lagging or clipping, the character models sometimes react really weirdly like MC was in a fight and she (i chose female protag) giggled happily as the enemy charged at her?? And some movements feel really awkward as well. There are also a few typos in the subtitles rip-

SOUND: Overall decent, nothing special or original, it sounds good enough and it works so yeah
VAs are good enough and I highly appreciate the main story has a voice-over!

TL:DR-- It's a pretty fun game with diverse game modes to enjoy but I highly recommend you to play on Ipad if you have one since I have experienced multiple crashes and occasional lags on phone (severe lags/glitch for ball, if you want to play 5 stars at the ball, it is highly recommended to play it on iPad, my phone lagged so badly during 4 stars and I couldn't even see half of the notes in 5 stars) and that concludes my review, ty for reading it and I hope it helped you:D
Update: They have a global official site now!:
Also just a small complain: The game support is very unresponsive so be prepared you will have to solve everything yourself! :^D

Destiny Child | Global


Decent game to kill time with, if you can see past some of the awful artworks presented in the game.

Storage: 3.58 GB, pretty huge for a mobile game like this but considering the constant animations for the characters and background, I'd give it a pass. The game lags at times, acceptable since it doesnt happen often.

Story: It's okay, a kinda interesting concept but with a few plot holes in it. Some parts of it were a bit confusing and the game doesnt really explain it and Mona kinda pissed me off a bit but overall, it's an okay story. In short: Protag needs to compete to become a demon king because he unknowingly agreed to do it by agreeing the new terms and conditions for laundry(or something I dont remember rip) He have to gain an army of Child in order to compete so he had to sign pacts with human to acquire Childs to help him fight (kinda forced by Mona to do so) A heads up about the protag being another generic anime protag you see in isekai animes tho-- Also why is it called Childs;v; is there no other names they can think of, tbh it just doesnt sounds right lmao

Gameplay: Enjoying it so far, I like the combat system with the option of tap and slide for different skills, the fever time function was cool too. I'm still pretty early in the game so I havent unlocked much yet;; The game is generous in giving you 7 5 stars characters right at the start in the mailbox(if I remember correctly), 1 from the compulsory free pull after the tutorial which is amazing. There is also a one-time gacha with one guaranteed 5 star and it gives you 120 bloodgem for 1 more SSR in the another gacha page so in total 10 welfare 5 stars at the start.The premium currency in this game is called crystals, 2700 crystals for 10 pulls, the game gives you about 1,000+ crys at the start, not enough for 10 pulls but you get them more in the beginner's missions easily. Rates arent that bad here, 3% 5 star, 15% 4 star and 82% 3 star (please note that this is coming from a fgo player) Crys arent that hard to gain imo so far which is good but Im still too early in the game to say if it's grindy or not. I personally dont like needing to pull both weapons and characters but Im glad they at least separated it unlike genshin.

Graphics: This is the worst protag design I have ever seen presented in an official game, the protag looks horrendous, the other main cast like Mona does not look as worse but the art style is really not my cup of tea. Some of the other characters' arts look fine like Bathory, Euros, Charlotte etc. The logo art looks good tbh but the game's art somehow became not as good. The animations are eh for some characters, super bad for the main characters since many mouth movements were really weird looking. Personal opinion: Preferrably the characters could move less, I dont mind character animations, it does make them look more lively but in this case, they overdone it. The background arts are good tho.

Sound: Highly appreciate the voice over for main story, I think the voice acting is pretty good overall, I personally dont mind the protag having a voice, yeah it kinda minused the immersiveness but I dont mind it much. Maybe just make the mc an individual character rather than letting us to fill our name for the protag and immerse ourselves as the protag? However, some of the VAs are miscasted imo, some voices dont really fit their characters so yeah, a bit disappointing. The bgm sounds nice as well.

Overall, not a bad game, it has some flaws but a decent game to kill time if you dont mind the art style of the game.

Over Eclipse


Been only playing for an hour or so and this is my first impression of it so take it with a grain of salt (also english is not my first language so yeah)

Storage: 811mb surprisingly low storage but still a bit laggy, i dont even have the highest resolution on and i have still have lots of space in my phone;; maybe it's just me idk

Story:  It's okay, nothing very special. The main premise of the story is something similar to Code:Vein, Gray Raven or any other jrpgs with a post-apocalyptic worldview. People live in a planet called hollows (ホロス) instead of earth and one day the dimension got ripped apart and a virus called hoshisuna (my broken japapnese is unable to translate this sorry) was spread everywhere. Everyone who got infected with this incurable hoshisuna syndrome will lose their rationale and go berserk. To counter this virus, there is an organization called herrschaft that purifies/invocate (according to the game) these viruses, you play as a newly qualified purifier/ invoker(?) (浄化者/インヴォーカー) here. Invokers also have to form a pact with a protector/etranze(?) (保護者/エトランぜ) (The game translated this as "Stranger" but the pronunciation they gave was etranze, its a bit confusing).  Invokers are able to seal kurebus (クレバス) which is where the virus is leaking from. They can defeat infected enemies through forming a pact with an Etranze. Somehow we still have smartphone in this era, herrschafte will give it to you right at the start of the game. And somehow Etranzes are mutated beings and you are controlling them for combat. The settings are more confusing than normal dystopian jrpgs' worldview imo and the game doesn't explain much about these settings or rather didn't do well in explaining them. Usually there would be a catalogue for players to read the worldview of the game but this game doesnt offer that function rip, well at least I couldn't find one ‾\_(ツ)_/‾

Sound: The sound is good not top notch but decent enough, I like the homescreen bgm a lot and the voice actors are wonderful. The overall sound effects are good too. No voice over stories unfortunately, but there are a few characters voicelines in homescreen interactions

Gameplay: Disappointing, for an open-world ish game I was hoping for some free style combat but instead we have button smashing battle, basically just keep smashing the skill and over-skill button over and over to defeat enemies and thats it. It's easy to get bored of this combat system, it's just repetitive and mundane. Plus, was expecting something more from the purifying process but you just tap one button and it's purified somehow;; it's pretty similar to margatsu warham(i think thats the name, hope I didnt get it wrong) but MW had more to offer and at the very least more enjoyable than this.
Gacha wise: the game gives you about 11,000 gems at the start, 3,000 gems for 10 pulls, no compulsory free 10 pulls unfortunately, only one free pull per gacha. There's this one gacha is 30,000 gems for 10 pulls, not sure what's this for as it doesn't explain much and there isn't any gacha rate chart there. Back to the normal gachas, you basically get items every pull (unless you are able to strike that 1% SSR character vs 99% items) and get 12 characters shards after 10 pulls, you need 240 shards to form a complete SSR character. So yeah, holy crap-- even R characters need 192 shards so yeah good luck getting that:') also each gacha only features one SSR character-- and on top of that, the game gives you 3R characters at the start and thats it. Even fgo is kinder than this! Yeah crappy rate (0.7%) but at least we have compulsory 10 pulls with at least a SR character at the start--

Graphics: I think the overall UI looks good but the map graphics don't really looks that well in comparison to other games, it looks hollow and unpolished?? (bad rendering i guess?) It's not super bad, it's okay i guess-- the character arts look decent tho, I'll give them that.

Overall, there are better games to play with a similar(and better) story and interesting combat systems than this, I dont really recommend this game personally, it's not that worth it. Hope this review helped you gain some insights about the game, ty for reading so far!

(I've only played two days so far and I havent watched the anime yet so take my review with a grain of salt lol )

Basic info: First off, highly appreciate this game for having english translation instead of just japanese:') this game only used up 378mb on my phone which is incredibly small in comparison to the other games i have lol

Graphics: The overall interface feels a lot like Bungo to Alchemist but with less quality? Don't get me wrong, I really like the art style of the game and the character arts but the interface just doesnt seems to look that recent if that makes sense--

Sound: Amazing seiyuu lineup but unfortunately, no voice overs for the main story, only some random sighs, i see etc. Not sure for the exclusive stories from gacha but I kinda doubt it.

Gameplay: There really isnt much gameplay going on, its main focus is on the story, it's kinda like an interactive story where you can occasionally poke on the crime scene to investigate and pick answers accurately to persuade someone. There is also an explore function but you just basically send them to explore and wait for them to come back with story points and chats about the characters. For this game, ambers are the premium currency where you roll gacha with but the game gives you really little options in gaining it: watch 3 ads for 20 ambers, get it with login bonuses or buy it with real money, which is kinda disappointing, because to roll 10 times you need 1080 ambers and it is really hard to save up that way-- But gachas only offers items to aid your exploration and extra stories so I guess it isnt that bad?? You need one ticket per read, 5 tickets will be given everyday so unless you buy more or the game gives you more, you can only read 5 sub chapters a day (there are 10+ sub chapters per chapter)

Story: I think the story so far is pretty interesting, so despite me preferring more action type of games, Im still playing this lol To advance the story, you need tickets and story points, story points could be gained through exploration and, well, buying with ambers. I dont have much to complain about the story, the only thing I would complain is the lack of skip button, sometimes I accidentally pressed prologue and it takes a lot of taps to go back to the chapter sleect screen so yeah

Overall, it's just a really chill game where you mostly read stuff, I think this game feels more like an ad for the anime more so there's not much to it. If you're into more action type of games then this isnt a game for you. It isnt a bad game by all means but I prefer more action and adventure type of stuff so this isnt that interesting for me personally, anw ty for reading so far!

Blue Archive | Japanese


Blue Archive a pretty decent game to play imo tho im still early in the game (played for 2 days) anyways here's my review of the game, hope it can help you^^ (please note that english is not my first language;;)

STORAGE: It eats up 2.46GB of my phone's storage rip but the graphics are pretty nice and not laggy so I guess worth the storage lol for the record I still have plenty space in my phone so it didnt lag for me, better to have more free space before downloading it

STORY: The story is decent, it revolves around the player being a teacher being assigned to be the head of different schools and lead all these highschool girls. With the advisor went missing mysteriously, players are also acting as the advisor of the student council and have to investigate what happened. Some of the story dialogues are just a huge yikes from me because they sounded a tad creepy lmao
(theres this one dialogue about MC bumping into a new girl who was riding a bike, he asked her to let him ride her bike with her (he's too injured to walk or sth) she declined cuz it can only carry one person and he was like ok then carry me
and im like wHAT?!?!)

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is good, I think it's rather enjoyable. You can put 4 girls as your frontline team (Striker) and 2 as backup helpers (Special). There are 4 classes as well including Supporter, Healer, Attacker and Tank (i think thats it) During the battle, you can activate skills through using up charges, the charges will recharge eventually throughout the battle. There are a few things to check on before sending your team to battle like the terrain of the battefield cuz it could affect your team's attack. So far, I only have the basic stuff unlocked so I wont comment on the other game modes yet. Maybe I'll update my review when I get there?

GACHA: I think it's a pretty decent gach rate, after the compulsory 10 free pulls, I got another 3 star after 30 pulls (yes the highest rarity is 3 stars). 3 star rates are 2.5%, 2 stars 18.5%, 1 star 79%. Pretty good rates I'd say (this is coming from a struggling FGO player) 1200 diamonds for 10 pulls, the game gives you about 6000 diamonds right at the start(dont remember the exact amount sorry) You can get 40 diamonds from reading main story, 20 from each mission, you can also get additional diamonds from beginner's mission so it's not really a grindy game.

SOUND: The voice acting is great, I really like Yuuka's voice for some reason lol Unfortunately, the game does not offer voice overs to the main story (rip have to read all the japanese my brain hurts) But hey, at least the bond stories are partly voiced:') BGM sounds quite nice but upon first entering the game, the bgm is so loud that i couldnt hear some dialogues from the prologue;v;

Overall, it's a pretty good game so far, hope this review could help some of you to get some insights of the game, ty for reading so far!

HoneyWorks Premium Live


the game uses 850 mb and the download is pretty fast, its only in japanese but has a fully voiced story:')

There arent much going with the plot, its a bit abrupt in my opinion but it doesnt affect the experience much lol but the good thing is it is a fully voiced story, you can choose to download voice pack or not in other stories as well.

For the gameplay, its your typical rhythm game with tap hold and swipe notes. The songs are chopped into three parts like HypMic, you can unlock more songs by increasing your fan count and you play levels to increase your fan count and thats basically it:'0

Graphics are amazing, I havent lag once in this game and im surprised that they dont consume as much battery as I thought. They reused honeywork mv in the level which is fine (was hoping for something new? but its ok this way) The character arts are amazing as well and Im glad there are also voicelines when you level them up or when you go to the character management page.

This game is super generous, upon logging in the first time i got about about 25,000 diamonds and lots of other materials for free (10 rolls cost 2500 diamonds btw) and the gacha rate is pretty user-friendly, I got 7 SSRs and 3 doubled SSR cards in those rolls!! Plus you can get diamonds pretty easy in this game from missions and fan counts:D

Overall I think its an enjoyable game to kill time for honeyworks fans like me but if you're a rhythmic gamer looking for a challenge, this might not be a game for you.

The game uses 1.87GB space, the download is pretty fast but the game is a bit laggy at times for me. The game currently only offer Chinese versions rip-

The music and artwork in the game is amazing, the bgm is really beautifully made and CG looks great so far! The CVs are mostly nice but personally Im a bit disatisfied with Vergil's voice(CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), it sounds a bit off for me-- (but Hirakawa is still an awesome seiyuu)

The plot is okay, it has its interesting moments but its nothing very special, choices you make affects favorability of the main characters. They have small side stories for the protags, you can ask them questions of what they like to increase favorability and give gifts to them.

The gameplay is pretty interesting so far, you can dress up the protags to increase their combat power, you have 2 sets of clothes(for battle and for visual). There is a clawing machine where you can claw up materials to make new clothes or grab gifts for protags. You can go for fishing for more money which use up 5 energy per time, you have lots of free energy at first so yeah. They also offer you several 10 rolls and SSR rate isnt very low, I got 4 SSRs from the several rolls which is pretty surprising to me lol(Their gachas arent about cards, they are about clothes btw) They also have messaging system and call system, you can actually hang up on the phone calls lmao but you wont get it back rip(i tried once on accident and I never got the call again sorry Alex lmao) these are also ways to gain favorability from protags. The battle system is okay, you can have at most 6 protags on battle, at first you will only have Albert for awhile until you get 2 more new characters. You can press the characters to use their ability individually or as a group, you can see artworks and hear unique voicelines if you use it individually.

Overall, great experience so far, its not a pay to win game, I think its pretty chill game to me so far, it has quite a lot of things to do and engaging so yeah hope my review can help some of you, ty for reading so far :')

Would be better if it doesnt crash once awhile but overall its awesome

Lord of Heroes


Graphics: although they used 3D models, it wasnt very laggy to my surprise, it doesnt lag much so im pretty happy with that. The 3D models' animations are fluent as well^^

Sound: I was surprised that they decide to voice over some of the story, the voice acting is rly good tho, better than what I expected! The bgm is also nice to hear.

Gameplay: overall, not bad. Like other turn based rpg, you have a team of recruits to fight, the attack order depends on your team's speed. It is a bit hard to level up since they dont give you much big exp potions and its hard to level up just by playing story quests but it doesnt bother me that much--
like king's raid, you dont play gachas to get new recruits, you have to pay for new recruits, and it does take some time to save up for recruits but they give you various teammates throughout the story and when you first start, you can reserve a 5-star companion and get it after 15 days logging into the game, so i think its okay that way;0 not to mention the starters they gave you are pretty useful!

Storyline: nothing special imo. In the begining, you can choose to be a king or queen and customize your character a bit, then you and your allies will go on to conquer/negotiate with different countries to gain land and stuff. The only problem that I have is that the translation team didnt translate all the contents, even though some people said they intentionally did it, it would be nice to get a fully translated game so i wont be confused halfway through it lol

One of the biggest problem of the game is it consumes battery rly fast and it also uses a lot of data if you are using data usage to play it outside--

Hero Cantare | Global


The graphics and voice acting are both fantastic, the gameplay is pretty cool, i wasn't bored of it quickly, it's a bit hard to play since i dont understand korean but i still enjoyed it a lot:'D gacha rates are decent, not that hard to get SS and the bgm is fricking amazing!! Plus it isn't that hard to earn diamonds to play gachas, you can already buy 100 diamonds from shop with in game money
It really sucks that i can't read korean, or else I'd love to read the story instead of skipping everything;;

the arts and CVs are obviously amazing, i like how they decreased the amount of diamonds to play the gacha, it makes life way easier than the previous game:')
The songs and rhythm games are great so far, looking forward for more new songs! The 3D models are smooth and the game wasnt laggy as i thought it might be. The office function is pretty cool as well, hope there will be more furnitures to unlock soon:D

The only thing i hope they can change is that I hope they could have voice over the story, im not rly good at Japanese so I struggled hard reading so many kanji at once, in the end i gave up on reading the story rip I'm better at hearing japanese than reading it so this is the only down for me

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