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One of my favorite games and a part of my childhood memory:') Love it so much💖

It's an okay game I guess-- writing this down as a reference for ppl who want to play this:
Good parts:
→decent clothing items
→Fun events
↳do give out some free event items as you progress on
→All gachas in the first catergory will let you play it for free once
↳gacha rates are okay (cuz i get rare items occassionally and i am pretty unlucky with gachas sooo lol)
Bad parts:
→many bugs and problems
↳rly laggy and slow to respond sometimes ↳often closes on its own randomly
↳diverse collection of technical problems rip
→Half of the gachas are premium gachas which sucks for free players like me, cuz its hard to save up coins to play it, you can only either buy coins or get free rewards occasionally to get those coins
→(prbly just me but i feel like mentioning it)the event rewards are kinda dissatisfying
↳top 700 have great rewards but then below that ranking, the rewards just kinda suck(e.g. 4 tickets to only 1)
but thats just me‾\_(ツ)_/‾

Beautiful graphics and amazing voice acting!!! Gacha drop rate is actually decent in this game--*is sorta mindblown* I got tons of 4 stars equipments and even 5 star equipments shortly after i started playing--

Wish there can be more characters?? And some animes have 3 characters and with both main and sub positions, yet some animes only get one character with either sub or main only, it's kinda unfair??? Also the game is kinda misleading in terms of character beig featured in this game? Like Toradora, the game showed Taiga's drawing but she wasn't implemented in the game(i assume later?? still it got my hopes up for a sec) And I'm kinda sad that Celty only have a sub and Izaya didn't get a sub, it would be cool to see how main shizuo and sub izaya fight together lol

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