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The game is interesting, the skill tree really got my attention but i think i better wait for the global version to fully play the game, music fenomenal like any other love live, 2d art amazing always getting better.

I really want to like this game, gameplay wise is a ok rpg with some kind of card mechanic depending of what "idol" is in your team, the story is what you can expect for a idol game is good at best, the graphics art and music is really good but i don't like how grindi it is and the worst part is that the game limits you the quest to farm lvl up material which in this game are tickets, i hate that mechanic, overral is a ok game but if you're already on another grindi hell like fgo or gbf or even dragalia lost you're better on those games this is nothing new and i could say this is a worst version of those games, sadly is a uninstall for me, i gonna check it out again in a few months hoping something change especially those limits on grindi quests.

Azur Lane | English


What can i say is amazing.

Dragalia Lost


Edit: Well it has been 3.5 years since the release and now the game has announced EoS it has been a wild ride hands down the best gacha mobile game I had played I will keep this review and I'm going to miss the game the moment it goes down, this is just the words of a day 1 and a will be last day player.

The game we didn't deserve but the one I needed.

It has been 2 years already i think is time for me to write something here since the game has change so much is no longer the same Dragalia Lost during the initial release.

First of all, i'm a day 1 player so yeah i had been playing this game everyday since 2 years ago and i had been enjoying every day of it but i will not lie this last few weeks i was thinking in giving this game a break and focus in other games but after the big update 2.0 that come with the second anniversary suddenly everything felt so fresh and new again.

This game is an action RPG from cygames and nintendo so i was really expecting a quality product since the beginning and they didn't disappoint me, the game visual are amazing the music is phenomenal, probably the weakest point in this game it is the story which is great at their high and really bad on their lows.

This game receive some updates last year in the gacha aspect to reduce the original cost of summoning from 150 per summon to 120 per summon, also removing an aspect of the game called wyrmprints from the summoning pool something some games should do to make the pool result so much worthwhile.

This game also had receive some huge overhauls in their core mechanics making it a great game for both solo or coop players, things i can't really explain unless you had played the game.

One of the biggest parts of this is the fact that if not a 100% of the roster, i would say a 90% of the adventurers roster is viable to play endgame content, specially now with the upgrades from 2.0 where all the elements receive a huge buff to their attack power to balance the game elemental adventurers since before this the dark element was the dominant across all the leader-boards.

Another big update that to be honest i was expecting this since the beginning is that with the 2.0 update the gacha aspect of the game receive the spark system (like in GBF) where every summon give you a point if you use free currency or 2 points if you use the paid one, to summon a rateup unit guaranty, but to be honest the game already have great rates from summoning i find this a great safe net if the banner have more units and one escape your grasp.

Idk what more to say but to thanks cygames and nintendo for making such a great game with a really nice community from which i had been part of an alliance since a year ago and i can see myself keep playing this game as long as cygames and nintendo support it, thanks for reading and try it you will not be disappointed.

PD: at the time of writing this review the anniversary event is ongoing and we will receive 10 free summons every day from today to the 29 of october receiving in total 330 free summons, so it is the best time to start playing.

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Super friendly game and also community, great game play, art, music, what more could you want. 
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