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migrated from Deresute to Shinymas after dem mass ban wave hitting Deresute's player base

actually have an account when the game released back then but i was too busy with Deresute and Milishita but now that Deresute have banned my acc and i've stopped playing Milishita, i can finally use all of my free time to focus on this game instead

also, Koga-tan ftw

lmao. the jap ver of Food Fantasy

Goddess Kiss


does anyone actually able to play? mine will always crashed right after i opened it

the DMM port is out so for those who have potato phones, you can play it on your PC instead

KMR, Eng ver next pls

edit: also pls be noticed that you dont need to use VPN unless you're from China (Qooapp pls dont spread false information)

we're currently on the 3rd anniversary celebration and they gave us free 10 pull gacha from the 3rd til the 16th, if you want to pick your idol and dive straight into the idol hell, now is the best time

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#PayToWin see that rainbow colored jewels? i have 70k of em are most of it came from grinding, i usually bought them to show my respect and love towards the devs, think it like this, a donation for keeping the game running and always churning out more and more contents Read Note
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