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Brown Dust | Global


been playing since its release, im FTP and this game can be fair as long as you keep your expectations grounded. 1st thing to remember is story mode and evil castle is your best friend. 2nd most important thing, PVP, PVP, PVP. The only way you can get any kind of giant leaps in the game is by being active in pvp every time your swords refill. 3rd thing also world bosses, rune temple, and crystal caves. this game is very dedicated if you love a game where you have a lot to do and do those things on a regular basis then it will be friendly to you. on a another note as a FTP player you need to keep up with new unit and companion drops before they update. its pretty important, this game does not give you the option to be frugal with your resources. this app is amazing if you love tactical games but never give any game any kind of money since you aren't guaranteed anything keep your urges minimal and your wallet fat, its a game so enjoy it.

great game my only issue is its a little hard to connect to the servers sometimes. the global veraion seems to have it worse than the japanese version of the game.

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