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Hmmmm...hmmmmmm hmmmmmm
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Hmmmm...hmmmmmm hmmmmmm
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This one's the #1 game i would recommend! the graphics and the storylines are amazing and theres no cliches. and the last few chapters turned out to be quite unexpected anf surprising. Well ofc i want the action figures but the review I've typed now
is something i wanted to do before and nows the best chance to tell how the game really is. If you are an otaku, it's a must download game. well, the only problem is the game update size which i wish can be solved sooner[微笑]

Need help! the screen turns purple when I start the game. I guess it's a problem with the compatibility,but is it possible to get a version compatible with my phone??
And also, I've downloaded it in my father's phone, and it works. but there's a tremendous amount of battery drain while playing that game. is there a way to solve this?[大哭]

It's a very addicting game, and also has the characters from some of my fav series of the dengeki bunko company. This games my fav [哇噻]

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