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Hmmmm...hmmmmmm hmmmmmm
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I always was into project diva games, so i might be a bit biased here but the game's really awesome! It may appear like any other rythm game at first glance but it has so many cool ingame features and a live show too! and the story's quite cool too!

I participated in the beta that was conducted last month and yea, the game's one of a kind. It's not as great as the project diva series but probably worth it being a f2p game and for mobile. If you have never played project diva before, this might be a great start even though it doesn't have the same game mechanics. It's something like piano tiles but much flashier and kakoiii!!!

Genshin Impact


Alright guys, This game's the best game I've ever played on mobile. Story line, music, VA, char design, almost everythings mastered. The only problem would be that the game's heavy grind. Even whalers have to grind at a certain point. And also, a lot of people call it botw copy.. But its false! I've played the game and the only common thing is the game mechanics which is the same for every other genre. This is a new genre in itself so yes people will call it like that. Under close comparison, I noticed many differences and the two games are completely different![不滿]

The game's amazing! It's similar to mix mode of mega mix 39's but way more smoother graphics and animation. Honestly, I loved it

This one's the #1 game i would recommend! the graphics and the storylines are amazing and theres no cliches. and the last few chapters turned out to be quite unexpected anf surprising. Well ofc i want the action figures but the review I've typed now
is something i wanted to do before and nows the best chance to tell how the game really is. If you are an otaku, it's a must download game. well, the only problem is the game update size which i wish can be solved sooner[微笑]

Need help! the screen turns purple when I start the game. I guess it's a problem with the compatibility,but is it possible to get a version compatible with my phone??
And also, I've downloaded it in my father's phone, and it works. but there's a tremendous amount of battery drain while playing that game. is there a way to solve this?[大哭]

It's a very addicting game, and also has the characters from some of my fav series of the dengeki bunko company. This games my fav [哇噻]

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Bubble || Anime Movie This one's gonna be biggg![哇噻][哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
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