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Epic Seven


Just becauss the gacha rate is very unfair? doesn't mean the game itself is bad. There's a bunch lf games with pity system like King's Raid but ends up falling after their first Anniv. Their music was somewhat not memorable. Graphics and animation is probably my fav amongst many mobage games I've played. Storyline is actually decent if you read through it but I wish they implement a system to re-read the stories. The only notable packages were Rank Up and Monthly while others are not so notable. I like how this game tries to make a 3* as useful and forgiving especially for f2p players and not just stick solely to 4* and 5* only unlike how SSR and SSR meta is a huge necessity in Granblue. Hope this game has good future.

The game has potential but as of current, the animation within the game is quite lacking and needs improvement. The game might look like FGO but it's actually done more than FGO and probably more fun than FGO since they added a lot.of features to it. Music is actually decent. Nothing to complain or praise about gacha rate. I'd say give it a chance rather than jumping into conclusion. I know the 30th celebration shouldn't end up like this which upsets majority of Phantasy Star fans but give it a bit of try

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inb4 people wondering you can't get Stella or Rosalind from first free 10-roll gacha: these characters are the only ones who's avaible in free gacha (Duncan possibly only appears when you lucksack 2 golds) althought they are already 5*'d from the beginning. Charas like Rosalind, Jasper, Stella and fan mommy were originally 5* which you can get only from Gacha Read Note
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