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Alterasia Type-H 15941600

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Dunno why, but the gameplay kinda... sucks. Feels really laggy and slow.

The game is just like many other Gacha games out there. Nothing really special about it, really.
Only turn off is the long loading times for the smallest thing. [發困]

The pull rates for SSR characters are Trash. Worse than in any other gacha game I played so far.

The balancing for this game is also bullshit. The only characters that deal good dmg are Atsushi and Akutagawa if you're sad enough maybe one or two more characters (Chuuya and Ranpo).

And the lack of an auto function makes farming for exp mats or mats to evolve characters boring and taking longer than it has to be.

Oh yeah let's not forget that they rather do One event after another instead of doing a story Update.

If this wasn't the only Stray Dogs game I wouldn't waste my time on it.

Phantom Blade


The game is really well Made. The Graphics are Good, the voices and soundeffects are also really good. Gameplay is surprisingly good.

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Is there anyway to lower the graphics in the game? The game is kinda laggy/clunky when playing songs for me. Read Note
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