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Toram Online


one of the best mobile mmorpg available. a really vast customization on the character builds. lots of weapon and skill variations. graphics is good enough, it isn't awesome but not bad at all. music and story is ok, but enjoyable. no PvP system, but co-op with other players is more than enough for a mmorpg. highly recommended.

King's Raid


if you play this game casually and not too competitive on PvP, this game will be one of the best mobile RPG out there.
2d art is very good, while the 3d graphics is not too spectacular, but still very great for a mobile game standard.
the gameplay is so fun with lots of PvE contents to explore.

one of the best aspects of the game is you can get any characters you want for your party without depending on gacha/luck. yes it need a time to collect for the resources (or by recruiting them for free through the inn), but it's still very tolerable. the game is quite generous for freebies as well.

the only problem is pretty much just like other mobile rpgs, the amount of GRINDING is kind of insane. but since this game can be played with auto-farming, I guess that kinda makes up their intense grinding. building a team and characters is so fun, you can experiment certain characters with different builds and combination to other party members. music and story is very mediocre.

played shin megaten and persona games since PS2, NDS, PSP, and 3DS, and loved all of them. this mobile game version is good and pretty much close to the traditional SMT gameplay... the graphics itself is great for a mobile game standard.
but sometimes this game is just feels too grindy and time consuming. some limited gacha demons is just too unbalanced and OP. if you don't lucky enough to get certain OP demons, just don't expect too much on PvP. just play casually and you'll probably be fine and not too salty.
also the story is not that good by shin megami tensei standard. it's just too boring and bland, very generic, I feel the story doesn't have the megaten charm that made me hooked on the franchise.

played intensively for 6 months, but then got bored and only doing daily login for 2 years. yes, game is playable with low rarity, no problem, but gacha rates is one of the worst, not recommended to spend any money here unless you got yourself $1000++ to waste each month, because there is no guarantee to get a character you want no matter how much you spent. so yeah, just be f2p and be happy(?)

gameplay is ok but not too many contents too explore. just a very basic mobile rpg with story quest, farming exp + materials, and do some events when available. building a character is just basically max all their levels, skills, bonds, etc. no specific/different builds required.

fgo is your simple and basic mobile rpg with low gacha rates and loyal fanbase. be f2p and be happy with what you got, you'll find this game enjoyable, until you get bored of its repetitive gameplay. no auto farming, so you need to manually play the game and waste more time. 👌👌

graphic is good, but the gameplay is a bit boring, just your typical mobile rpg with auto and gacha stuffs, no unique traits that would make it different than any mobile rpg... but overall this game is still fun to play though...

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#BestAnime FLCL obviously... insane comedy, good characters, interesting story telling, nice soundtracks, fluid animation, crazy action scenes, all of it in 6 episodes only!!!!... confusing at first but after a few rewatch it's so GOOD and memorable!!! Read Note
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