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"For Girls" PepeLaugh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dude who's been cursed with liking joseimuke games.
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"For Girls" PepeLaugh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dude who's been cursed with liking joseimuke games.
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Very similar to epic seven. I feel that the game has potential but I think that instead of taking a few elements from e7 and using them they could improve on them instead (like adding skip tickets or something).

I personally could do without the stages where you only run around and continue the story or find random stuff, etc. It felt boring in e7 and it feels boring here as well. I'd much rather just be sent into a cutscene directly instead.

Hatsune Miku Amiguru Jump


It's cute...... that's it.
Everything else about the game is nothing new, there's a bunch of games like this out there with the only difference being the graphics. I knew the game was gonna be simple, but I thought there would be a twist to it or something idk.

p2w gacha with admittedly really nice graphics and character designs.

Gives SW vibes but I never got into that game super seriously.

Only gives low rarity pull tickets in the beginning and takes a while to build up your first free 10-pull, but lets you choose a 5 star of your choice from a list as a pre-register reward. Also pulls are just expensive in general.

This game is absolutely bursting with overpriced things for you to spend money on, it seems like there's a pack for anything you could ever think of. So I guess if you're a whale you'll enjoy it much more.

Gameplay had potential but isn't good enough to combat the negatives for me. Feels like such a waste of good art and characters.

Obey Me! Shall we date?


The story is actually pretty interesting, but the gameplay is really dull. The gacha rates aren't very good either.

These next things are more subjective, but I might as well share them anyway.

The designs of the guys are kind of meh. I don't think they look bad, but they feel generic in comparison to other games.
I also feel that the art they use on the homescreen/story/low rarity cards could be way better quality. Again, I don't think the art is bad, but to me they just look so out of place in comparison to the other art in the game.

The one big thing I like about this game is that it leaves the players gender completely ambiguous so that you can imagine them to be whoever you like.

Nice casual game with some decent art.

Gacha rate seems abyssmal (or at least my luck has been, this is the only gacha I've never pulled an ssr/max rarity unit in. Idk if there's a pity, but if there is I've never hit it).

A bit stingy with gacha currency, they don't give you enough for a ten roll when you start. Instead they shower you with low rarity cards and 1 SR card.

Gameplay is super casual and mostly auto, nothing bad to say about it.

There's daily missions that only work when I change the date on my phone to match Korea, this isn't ideal for me since I use my phone for a bunch of other stuff and it's a pain to change it only for this game.

Also the mc irks me more than usual. Her "character" is incredibly generic and adds nothing to the story and sometimes just makes me want to skip it, I feel like if she didn't exist or said nothing the game would overall feel the same.

I don't really recommend this game unless you really like the characters.

(forgive me Day)

Edit: Added some more stuff

Helios Rising Heroes


Amazing graphics and animations, everything is super pleasant to look at, although it might make your phone bit toasty in battle.

Gameplay wise it's similar to FGO, but it feels a bit more casual and simpler. So if you're newer to this type of game it should be super easy to get into.

(also Victor is the best one js)

Promise of Wizard


The graphics are really nice, but the gameplay is mind numblingly boring.
It does give you the option to play as a dude though, which I wish more games did.

Decent game. The graphics and character designs are super nice. The story seems pretty average, but I'm not the greatest at reading Japanese.

Gameplay wise it's not super interesting. The rhythm segments are decently fun and you can usually get through them even if you suck. The battles are kind of boring, and the more I play the more I usually just let the game auto them.

The gacha rates themselves seem pretty average. I've got no idea if there's any sort of pity system.

I was looking for a more chill gacha to play alongside Arknights and FGO, so even though I auto through a lot of it I still find it enjoyable.

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