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well it is soft launch and you can tell with the lag it has. Especially after skipping though story fast. once they get that fixed and some other bugs here in there it will be a really great game.

Good game i liked Japan version better as far as log in. This one i did get in but after an hour or so it just kicked me out and wouldn't let me back in without a proper chinese id login. If you got one and interested go for it.

Well its pretty nostalgic so far. Same graphics as FF3 in US. Kinda feel cheated with it running on the Unreal engine. Why SE can't use cell shading graphics or live 2D to make it really pop i'll never understand. The game mechanics so far are pretty good as well as the battle mechanics. Its just from a long time squaresoft player i feel cheated in so many ways with them way behind the competition . Don't get me wrong its a good game so far . But I expect innovation from SE and they forever let me down on mobile games.

Grand Alliance


its okay. The story is pretty good . A bit grindy with limited resouces . After recieving mail gifts save 1000k gems until you open tavern . So don't roll all of them they are stingy with gems and top tier units can be bought from tavern each one has prerequisites to be unlocked to appear in tavern. Only issue with that is the gacha has the good 4 to 5 star skills you need to have early success.I think the skill animation could look alot better being the units are like chibi puppets lol.[大哭]

Pretty much a fan game . The anime looks nice was hoping for an open world mmorpg .

its pretty good . I like being a time skipping ninja. other than that its pretty good in most all aspects. control joystick is a bit touchy and will having you in wrong direction at times.

Revisions Next Stage


Its a tactics game . graphics are good and battery use is overheating . probably best on low fps for mobile. Should run exceptional on emulator. Great music and voice actors. Story seems good even though its a language barrier for me. Battle is pretty slow even on auto . On stage 3 and no speed up button yet . Might be a much better game later on with some improvements in gameplay speed haven't made it far enough to rate mid game to late game play. Im in US and haven't needed a vpn to play at all.

BLADE XLORD | Japanese


so far so good can't rate the story being im not understanding of the language rated it at 4 just in case its good . Still not too hard to navigate so far. only bugger is not knowing which character to reroll for lol. If by some way they can implement the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake game mechanics i would be truly happy at last.

Lost Archive


The game is actually pretty good with multiple strategy components. Be a little better if i was more knowledgable on the language . But through trial and error i shall succeed. Free reroll after beginning tutorial.Use for gold card i assume in which you can get more than one on lucky roll. I chose minion over spell. All in all really decent for a card deck built battle game . Better than others in my opinion.

Mario Kart Tour


i really don't like the controls or horizontal screen . Other than thats its pretty a kool classic on mobile



pretty decent game yet the loading between screens is horribly slow. you can play with vpn. i live in US east coast and have played it for 3 to 5 days. however the loading between screens is such a nuisance i've deleted the app.

Best Turned Based RPG out . This is exactly how Fate should play . Quick load times quick in between menu screens . Fluid gameplay/graphics. Missing a few characters right now but definitely been a fluid launch so far. its pretty easy at first but it gets hard not long after. Bit grindy especially with the gold lol. All in all it's a great game. Like the duo ult cards to once you get the right character to partner with.

Looks and feels really great right now . Haven't progressed far but so far so good.



pretty decent game so far better than last cloudia to me as far as gameplay. Now if they incorporated the FF Mobius type graphics . It would be a really nice game. The controls are okay kind of like Eternium. Which if it had an open world concept like eternium it would get 5stars. But so far so good.

it runs my phone hot in about 20 mins of play.



can't really rate yet. Servers still under maintenance according to the twitter page with no absolute time table as to when it will be back up.

i hate auto attack mash button for super attack type rpg. so if you like Tales of Erin it may be your cup of tea . As far as battle mechanics. story didn't even get past tutorial so . Battle mechanics instantly turned me off.

great job by the Father of Dragons Nest and his wonderful team at Hound 13.

pretty good so far. its got some slow loading times between menus . But i think they can get those worked out.

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Does anybody know if we should be aiming for costumes or weapons in early rolls .  Read Note
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