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Random Dice : PvP Defense


Не запускается, выдаёт ошибку безопасности с нуля



The game is good, but there is a few bugs. When you fast tap on buildings (for example) lvl 2, you get lvl3, and if you fast tap on this lvl3 to get lvl4, building sometimes get frozen in the half of the way to position. I hope, you can understand my message)



I've played this game on PC in browser for a long time ago... Now I can't start it on my phone... Please, update it to Android 10. Thanks.

Make a Square



Game didn't start on my android 10, please update it!

My Little Pet Girlfriend


Graphics really good, girls are very cute.
In morning it was alright, but now game didn't start (need's Google Play Services, but I have this one).

Civilization VI


I can't even play this! Crushing on entering this game!

Toram Online


The game doesn't started.

Night of the Full Moon


The best card game I've ever played! But I don't know Chinese and can't buy other characters... Now I can't even enter it! What are you doing with me...

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