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Mirage In The Flower


I have been waiting this game since last year hyped for it due to the male units and now it's released. It plays alot like Onmyouji shares similar headache inducing style of navigation and battle path. But the level of messy UI = 10/10. uurghh..[憋屈]

Story is pretty generic like other games with shounen MC but the dark and edgy character designs really drawn me in. Plus the SSR rates 2.5% are quite generous compared to Onmyouji with only 57 summons I got lucky scoring 6 copies of them. (If it's Onmyouji I won't get a single SSR definitely)

Should you try it? Yes, highly recommended especially if you're looking for new fresh take on fantasy turn based RPG. Generous rates with gorgeous character animations are main attractions here. So go for it. [厲害][微笑]



from the creator of FFBE and Last Cloudia,Hisatoshi Hayakashi came another great RPG ala Star Ocean style of battle.
10% rates for all SSR with 6% units (all SSR) and 4% SSR weapon. Connection has been fixed now no more stuttering or cut off like previously and I no longer need VPN to play.
Story kinda generic for my liking I had to rate it lower in that part but love love the character designs they're very detailed and gorgeous. imo the game looks like 3D version of Lost Cloudia which isn't bad at all.
It's a nice addition to our gacha selection since global already have too many same old waifu collector games while this one has excellent variety of units to chase.



Only first 2 chapters are free. The rest you have to pay for it. Font size is quite small and the MC isn't very likable. Not my cup of tea.

The cutscenes are like what we see in Studio Ghibli movie,Only Yesterday. very beautiful.
The gameplay is mixture of Harvest Moon/Rune Factory/Cooking Mama with almost similar looking character story.

I still can't get used to the control but autopath is great. Transition from one section to another is ok but not good for those who hates loadings. It also has Japanese voice over which is nice addition.

Overall not a bad game. Recommended [微笑]


Great game

Art Code Summoner



Events are very confusing. the rest are just usual expensive gacha draws and p2w ranking rewards. good game if you have money to pour every week otherwise just avoid.

simplicity at it's best. If you're fan of Black Clover you will going to enjoy this.

Yu Jian Love


You can pick male as main character too. I haven't explored much into the story yet but so far the graphics,voice acting and scripts are all great very elegant game I must say.
Worth a try if you're into romance games. [微笑][開心]

The only thing you have to do is clicking the quest instructions on the left and watch your character running back and forth talking to NPC. Repeat repeat until you encounter boss battle and then back to run & talk to NPC again.

Aside from beautiful graphics the story is very boring. Translation is acceptable if you do not mind the Engrish usage. other than that, this game is skipable. You won't miss anything for not playing it.

Pocket World 3D


used to be fun but now it's bombarded with many ads each time you click back or finish the building.

Alice Re:Code


Not that bad and not that great either. it's one of those mobage with very busy interface and filled up with millions of unnecessary things. Full artwork for the characters are ok but their chibi version looks painfully generic. No flashy attack animation like other rpg,just a gothic Alice in Wonderland flair sets in dark background. Gacha - reasonable amount of gem income so you can draw 5* without huge spending and frustration.

Ark Order | Japanese


the rates are much better and more generous than Chinese and Korean versions. but the lore are not my cup of tea.

Food Fantasy | Global


There's some changes been made like the UR reward (Peking duck) for new players and the increased of summon rates for UR from 2% (as I remember from old version?) to 3.01% which is ok I think.
but the main problem still persists like no gem income from story stage or any other event rewards. Soul ember also quite scarce as before.
the game feels sluggish on my Samsung S10 I'm not sure why. overall worth a try but not a keeper for me.

need more customization of the units but honestly this is one of the best mecha based RPG gacha. I didn't enjoy other popular titles like AL/GFL however this game really hooked me up. I really love the animation of each units and variety of their attack styles. plus the dialogues are cute and hilarious lol.

Not my cup of tea. I didn't like the battle style and the gacha where all rarities of a single unit being muddled into one pool it makes summoning feels no longer special. It gives me Knight Chronicle vibe again but worst. Packs are more expensive too after conversion here.
The artwork was fine,clean UI and I appreciate the select summon for one SSR unit which I didn't care about. The game just failed to engage my interest I was hoping for great otome like 食物语 but very disappointed at the end. 继续玩食物语。很抱歉这是真的我不能爱的游戏。

Standard slingshot with live 2D characters and set up that shares lots of similarities to Destiny Child. but with prettier artwork.
Clean and solid game. in game currency and the gacha are acceptable,nothing bad. Overall it's an ok game.

UR units has 5% drop rates and SR has 15% but the resource to do 10 pulls weekly/monthly are very scarce. why must they copied Azur Lane style of chibi and character upgrade? It feels like very cheap immitation of Azur Lane but with weather theme girls instead of warships. visually nice but boring combat,not recommended.

This is not another cookie cutter mmorpg where all the gameplay looks and feels 99% similar to each other. It's a story driven game with massive world to explore.
If you're non Chinese speaker navigating around the messy UI and skill upgrade can be challenging.

but overall it's a good mmo. very different from the ones I've played before. yes the registration and log in system can be daunting but so far all my boys doing fine.

Try use qq app if your WeChat gets blocked after one day.

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looks super cute. hope for Chinese or English release. Read Note
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