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Disney Twisted Wonderland


bad points;
gacha is 1.5 :-/
buying and it don't give you your items ( devs refuse to help)

good points;
amazing art
amazing voice acting

yea, I play touken ranbu, fgo, Sao MD, SNA, BSTS, BSD, and several others. But I'd rather play tnose than this.

3 more days till we can all play! who is hyped?! It feels like a dream!!!?!

for those complaining, it's not even been out a month, let alone people giving it a chance we gotta give it a bit BEFORE it gets better.

wonderful game! I play all versions, yes, just marbles might be bland and it gets boring after you complete the story. just be paitent, more will be added. Those of you saying " It's terrible " i have to highly disagree with you.
for people who can't get it to work, make space on your phone, a d cleare Cache.

This game, is absolutely wonderful. Save your moons, save your tickets for better chances at SSR ~

dont work.

Game is very slow, its hard toeven do quest without the slowness of the battles;

edit: After a recent update, my game won't work..I've contacted them, they said to " Uninstall and reinstall " I did that, only to loose my account. I input all my Pass and ID, now I've been playing since smash tap... lvl 89 account is down the drain.(┬_┬)

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