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Just a simple gamer, whom is learning Japanese. There are times, where I will be critical, but also there are times I'll be positive.
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Just a simple gamer, whom is learning Japanese. There are times, where I will be critical, but also there are times I'll be positive.
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What in Hell is Bad?


sadly, due to the game keeps crasbing with an " Error has occured" after I head into the 'special' area, I'm not goimg to give that good of a rating till things are fixed.

total storage it takes is 3.55GB! while graphics are AMAZING, I won't rate much higher than that. Once this is fixed I'll give a higher rating. as this will exist to let the devs know there is an issue.

EDIT: Okay, the game is DECENT in lines of game play, but it really didnt give but ONE preregister reward, cards are a bit harder to level up. Stamina vanaishes VERY fast.

I WILL say it IS CENSORED!!!! 35 ( remove space at the = 35)

is the uncensored version from Eurolabs.

I absolutely love this game! ive not had any issues with it at all yet. while it IS difficult to level up, the game is already very generous.

cant get a limited outfit or weapon? no problem. just play the gacha enough to get it for free by playing a ×10 play. you will get stamps, when you play that is completely RNG from 1 to 12 that will help you get the weapon with 6 stamps next 6 you get the outfit.

Game constantly crashes, and wont even open upon full inital download. My phone has pleanty of storage. :-/

A lovely escape game, that keeps you guessing. sadly, its rather far to easy to guess the ending of this one. It has some blood and slight gore. The game is easier than most would think, if you want a creepy apartment to escape? look no further. if you want a hard to guess ending? veer away.

Okay! Since I LOVE touken Ranbu, this game will always get a solid 5* from me. This current version ISN'T AVALIBLE TILL THE 31ST TO PLAY.
The voice acting is amazing, and has many of my faves!

Each sword, has its own music so you can customise the music in your Citidle home screen, same as change them into their Yakuta.

I recommend saving materials, as OG olayers from the JPN version know...theres gonna be a Sword boy you want! For me, Onimaru is who i'd be saving up for on this version!

The only down fall is, some events CAN be P2P, as in items to progress faster! I'm a free player and the grind is real 😭👌

JPN version is around 540 MB while this version for now, is 192MB!


242 MB is needed!
my last rating, I forgot to say.


lovely game! each reroll takes about 30 minuets.
Game is 1.41 GB total. the customer service people are very kind[開心]


Sound: The BG is the usual old cliche ' changes to the battle music ' once you move from.the town and into the story.

game: Each part of the story mode gives you gems like most games. That way you can save them for rolls in the gacha. there IS a pay wall for a diacounted roll.
As you level up, and gain more citizines your town will level up! ❤

characters: So far it has every character.~ If you happen to be just starting and roll once and get two 6*s in one KEEP IT. DO NOT RE ROLL. I pulled 6*s and re rolled and I'll be honest 6*s are very rare, with more of a 3-6% chance.

events: They do many events.~ While they might get boring after awhile they are still very fun. However, unless your characters are quite strong I dont sugest doing harder dungeon events etc.

exhanges: They have exchanges for characters AND materials.~ the 450 DL event gave a ticket away for a 6* of your choice.

game takes around 4.50GB of space, it takes around 30 minuets for a re-roll. game has small issues but as its new it needs improvement that we will see after a while.

Tutorial is fairly long and there is no way to skip it. game loads slowly during each screen, I've timed it at five minuets each screen. No, there is NO english version as this game did just come out, Oce I find out more I'll update the review more.

bad point: it seems to crash and lag no matter what you do, game is over flowing with people so many can't log in to play.
gacha rates are kinda shitty for now, you have a 96% chance for a 3* the rest is p much a 4% chance for a 4* lol
takes up a TON of space for some people.
tutorial is long.

dosent work for me. continuous black screen.
my connection is 100% fine. i have pleanty of space

game takes about 825 MB!

the art, is really gorgeous. 10/10
story alittle balnd, but still entertaining! 9/10
voice acting is amazing! 10/10

you get events, and gacha four diffrent gacha.
event gacha, Normal gem gacha, and your hearts gacha has a few diffrent areas. one of them is for Rares, and I believe a SR

you can sell cards to collect varrious things to exchange for Cards, Tickets, Gifts for your boy etc!
It's an easy match 3 game, but still very fun!

tip; Makoto likes cooking books and sweets most! his chest and shoulder( left) , is the best part to rub. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

I adore this game quite alot!! has some of my favourite VA. The art is gorgeous. game is quite generous as well!

bad points;
gacha is 1.5 :-/
buying and it don't give you your items ( devs refuse to help)

good points;
amazing art
amazing voice acting

yea, I play touken ranbu, fgo, Sao MD, SNA, BSTS, BSD, and several others. But I'd rather play tnose than this.

3 more days till we can all play! who is hyped?! It feels like a dream!!!?!

for those complaining, it's not even been out a month, let alone people giving it a chance we gotta give it a bit BEFORE it gets better.

wonderful game! I play all versions, yes, just marbles might be bland and it gets boring after you complete the story. just be paitent, more will be added. Those of you saying " It's terrible " i have to highly disagree with you.
for people who can't get it to work, make space on your phone, a d cleare Cache.

This game, is absolutely wonderful. Save your moons, save your tickets for better chances at SSR ~

dont work.

Game is very slow, its hard toeven do quest without the slowness of the battles;

edit: After a recent update, my game won't work..I've contacted them, they said to " Uninstall and reinstall " I did that, only to loose my account. I input all my Pass and ID, now I've been playing since smash tap... lvl 89 account is down the drain.(┬_┬)

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account search Looking for a Kokichi Smurf account, NA only please! 🥺
budget is around 25-35 
no SSRs needed [開心] idc if theres only 3 A and alot of B costumes.♡ 
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