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not that game that i like anymore its not fun events rewards are sooo lame previous events in first version was sooo good they give us lotsa free avatars even collab ava for free now all of it becomes gacha item and hard to get they always put up so many banners now well somehow i do want to stop play

ETERNAL | Japanese


CRAPPY GAMES IF THEY DIDN'T RELEASE IT GLOBALLY EVEN IF THE GAMES LOOKS AWESOME[no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no][no]

great game but recently the update was not that fun for an anniversary event

hope this games can give me inspiration also to have fun without took a pinch of my money

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OCs Fanart n Requests well finally im back to draw xD it was hell im gettin trough 
those cat girl are all my ocs! eventho maybe they looks like many other char that already exists well..
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