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^_^)/ he/him
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^_^)/ he/him
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waiting patiently for the global release, but in the meantime i can say that the game looks absolutely gorgeous! and the gameplay loop is something you'll be used to if you've played such games before.

Love Nikki | English


LN is the entry that got me into nikki from the very beginning.

Yumeiro Garden


it's really cute! i love the customization.

i've loved the nikki series since love nikki, and this is by far my fav entry!

Yakuza ONLINE | Japanese


it's surprisingly enjoyable, and still feels like a Yakuza game despite being a mobile title.

the drop rates are also surprisingly good and the combat, though pretty standard for a mobile rpg, has all the features you'd expect in a Yakuza game.

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Nasty on S1 NA~
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