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World Flipper | Global


I've played this for months on a non-localized version and it was great. However now I find myself autoimg more than actaully playing it (so much grind to get more pulls). I'm not sure the difference between the Asian and Global in pulls and currency but it just doesn't feel the same. Still fun but Auto while good to get through a lot of grind has made it from a fun pinball game to another grindy gotcha.

Idle Hero Battle


it has a lot going for it including a merging loot system and a pretty good skill system. all and all there needs to be some multiplayer content to really give it more gameplay and depth otherwise its just another min/max idler.

Shadow Hunter: Lost World


while the game looks cookie cutter it has something to it which keeps my interest. the loot system has a lot to do with that.

Alchemy Stars | Global


while I imagined this to be just another wiafu collecting game it ends up having some decent depth to its gameplay loop and some decent gatcha rates.

[發火] when are the servers going live?

update: I will try this again when it releases in NA the lag was terrible.



surprisingly fun considering the other games this company just made

It isn't a game with a ton of depth in gameplay. However fans may delight in the details of a game like this. The gameplay harkens back to the days of the original Star Wars Video game in arcades back in the late 70's early 80's so the nostalgia is unmistakable.

another fun game that isn't easy to translate. hopefully the english version will happen.

Please, just release an English version. this is such a fun game if I only understood any Asain dialect.

World Flipper | Japanese


Please, just release an English version. this is such a fun game if I only understood any Asain dialect.



I love this game but for the life of me can't read Japanese. Could you please release an English translated version and maybe some cloud saves wouldn't hurt?

Dragon Quest Walk


just give me an English translation

Godzilla Defense Force


Pretty good for an idle tapper.

WarLocksZ | Japanese


fun game but it is extremely difficult it seems to build great mechs.

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