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relatively solid game. its a LL and bandori hybrid? its your usual rhythm game, card collecting yadda yadda
live 2D smooth asf, cards look 👌👌 they have new songs coming out everyday
the only issue i face is the game occasionally dont register my taps and i failed a number of lives thanks to that. its fustrating but idk if it is due to my phone specs (im playing on 2D mode already on RedMi Note5) or its the game being new and buggy.
i can only guess whats going on in story mode but from what i can tell so far its pretty hilarious
lastly stan valk

its a dress up game with a pretty polished story (if you can read it) and really, REALLY good graphics that would amke your phone heat and die faster, but thank god they have graphic settings to prevent those ^^
the music is also really good and fits the aesthetics of the game

the gameplay is a what you'd expect from a dress up game— just chuck all your rare high attribute stuff on no matter how ugly, press some buttons, yknow, nothing revolutionary. there's this room thing + social media aspect which i find interesting but it doesnt impact gameplay, it adds more depth lore feel.

theres guild functions, fashion battles, making clothes using other clothes— your stamina (pink hearts) will run out real fast, there's a lot to do and you'll end up going on and off the game really often.

its a bit laggy sometimes and it on rare occasions doesnt respond to touch during the pressing buttons section which sucks but welp.



its basically Splatoon, but not exactly splatoon
not gonna go through what others already said but theres is "different playstyles" according to which character you play. there's three main attributes (speed, power, tactic/ranged) and each character has two unique skills each + one weapon skill, it's possible to tweak your character to your favored playstyle

gameplay tutorials are pretty easy to follow, the graphics are decent, but there is a bit of stutterring during the game.

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