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played almost all of gacha game gacha games.
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played almost all of gacha game gacha games.
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im married with Pekorine Korosuke and Kyaru. its been happily ever after.

Sevens Story


this game is underated. its too good to be real. im really a fan of tactic games and this is just amazing.

Blue Archive | Japanese


it's time become teacher/先生 。

Gameplay :

- the game is like combined kinda Girls frontline and Princess connect but with cute 3D chibi models plus their animation ofc.

- this game is about timing when it comes to combat plus teambuild, the system is like Arknights for those who have experience the game, like its need point to deploy operator but blue archieve need the point for use the character ability and can be tricky.

Sounds/Music/BGM :
- it's banger, similiar to PSYQUI, Moe Shop, EDM etc.

Story line :
- Berry good :> it's about student and you the sensei + their slice of life , if you cant understand japanese just use screen translator ( Ever translator is good )

Character :
- Clean character illutration style plus the design with School concept.

- Character academy : Abydos, Gehena, Millenium, Sankaikyou, trinity.


- it's a gacha game, just to remind you. there's no pity system, and i cant say it's Friendly F2P or not.120 premium currency for 1 gacha, and you get 30 crystals each stage first clear 3 star. ( lets put event login reward and similiar thing aside. ) im veteran gacha gamer, i've played FGO, GBF, E7, AL, GF, AK, Pricon, Grandblue, 7sins, Genshin and many more. you can trust me on this.

- they do give 50 total gacha in the front. its up to you want to spent them all and reroll, in my case i only do 30 pulls and save my premium currency for next since im at F2P state atm (at the moment) because i can't buy the monthly pack restricted by Gplay.

- Dont hear those tier list, if you like specific character just use it. but if you're player thats like beating the game and meta slave its also fine, but for those who want to enjoy the game progress i suggest you to not hear those kind of thing and start build chracter u like.

- its a good game you have to give it a try before reading ppl review.

Arknights | English


I've been playing arknights since the game launched and kinda fell into it. its ok f2p, like you can get orundum 3k perweek for gacha, its like 20 pulls for f2p player in a month + awesome events.

my personal review

Gameplay : Gameplay is amazing, for those who love tactics game, tower defense, gacha system and waifu character, this is your place ( they have cool ikemen though like silverA*s ).
My iQ kinda low can i still play this game ? yes, theres some tips and walkthrough in youtu*e if you have low iq :>

*im not gonna talk about Sanity (Energy in-game) in here though.* *also with *6 gacha percentage*

Voice line Character/Soundtrack : you will love them, trust me.

Storyline : Perfect, cant ask more about it. feelsbad some of player skip it, i doesnt mind though they have their own reason.

Overall the game is amazing, i dont know if theres a people out there saying the game is bad and suck just because they didnt get Operator that they want in current banner, *cough* *cough* newbie gacha-ers* (i didnt get corona though, well stay safe out there)

if you love the game please show them support by reviewing the game or buy the monthly benefit in-game for 5$ (・–・;)ゞ(f*ck off you're not f2p player because you buy the monthly pack. well i buy it because i want to support the game dev, i even didnt buy it every month.)

the monthly package is really worth it, not just you get 60 Sanity package per day but with Orundum 200 perday for 30 days.

Epic Seven | Global


Great game. Don't forget to give it a try.
- Why don't they add JP Character Voice ?
Seiyū or Voices actor in JP are not Cheap. Stop Giving 1 star Rating just because it didn't have JP voices. Enjoy the game.
- Need VPN ?
No need VPN there's 3 Server avaliable now in game, Asia , Korea , Global.
- i have potato Smartphone , can i run on it ?
Yes, There's a low mode setting in game that you can turn on Mode low grafic for smart phone with 2Gb RAM and octa core 1,xx+ Ghz.
- The game suck , Need improvement.
No , you're the one who need improvement ../..

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tierlist rly ? LULW Magine being an Metaslave and tierslave + reroll-ing. Yikes Hifumi on a B tier ? you're blind. whoever make those sh1t. Read Note
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