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HypMic • Twisted Wonderland • Obey Me!
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HypMic • Twisted Wonderland • Obey Me!
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Hello Sweet Days


It's an adorable game, I'm really enjoying it~ [開心]

Actually better than I expected. I think the english translations are kinda weird for the old fans because we were already used to the fan translations and as they changed a lot of things for the official version it is impossible to not sound weird, but I think the translation team is doing a great job! I think maybe they should have taken a look over the fandom and the words and names that were already popular amongst the fans so they could keep them and avoid this weirdness. The only thing I don't really like is the way they made some of the characters sound so different from their actual personalities, like Cater who sounds so annoying in the english version lol. But anyway I think the game and english translations are pretty good!

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