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I am a gacha gamer, but I'm fine to play another game and nice to meet you!
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I am a gacha gamer, but I'm fine to play another game and nice to meet you!
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First of all, the tutorial are too long. The art is interesting and pretty good. For some reason in the story they use korean voice but outside the story they use english voice. For the storyline, it's pretty interesting i guess, i't not good but also not bad. The gameplay, it's just general auto turnbase. Overall, if you like the art then sure i recommend it, but other than that i don't recommend it.

Pretty good game. The gameplay similar to browndust or brave nine. So in the battle your characters looks small but not chibi. The characters art looks great. For the story, i don't know because i can't read chinese but i can Understand some lines from the japanese voice and the story looks interesting. Every characters voice is amazing and even our characterer (like shikikan in azur lane and doctor in arknights) have voice. And dor the gacha, it is not good but also not bad. But for me as a gacha player i don't mind the gavha system too much as long as the game have story and characters that is interesting. by the way the ultimate skill animation is great too. If you want to add me as a friend, here is my UID: 4010214.

Idle Angels


A good idle game

Pretty good so far. Maybe I will change my opinion in the future, but let's see for now.

I love the anime, and finally i can get to play the game. The gameplay is good and i like how they bring the story in the game. Even though my luck on the gacha is pretty bad, i finally get kurumi. Overall, great game.

The gameplay is pretty good. It's like turn base game. The art style is great in my opinion. The art kinda remind me of the art in fgo. And for the storyline, i honestly don't know since it's doesn't have english language. The gacha rate is better than fgo. They also generous, for compensation they gives about 46k gem for gacha and you need 2k for 10 times gacha. So, overall it's good if you want to play something new and want to play game with art style like fgo.

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


I just finished the tutorial and I can't wait to see more of this game. From the first look, it look promising. Although the gameplay is your like the average idle game but so far I like the illustration and the storyline.

Shadow Hunter: Lost World


One of my favorite hack & slash game. Great graphic and great gameplay too.

Angel Legion


It's pretty fun for an idle game, even though it is your normal idle gacha game. And I like the function where you can customize the characters.

The graphic is great since it is 3d. And for the gameplay is quite unique but I enjoy it. For the story, it is pretty good. At first I kinda hesitate to play since the game server got shut down because of the pandemic. But then there is news from the devs themselves that says the game is back and there will be more updates to come. So, yeah, give it a try. If you like it, let's go play together and i hope you have a great time playing.

It's like your normal idle game so the gameplay is not that different. But I really like the art for the illustration. i haven't see the story but I'm can't wait to see it. ( ^ω^)

Granblue Fantasy


I really like the game. The gacha is not bad and it is very addictive. I recomend it to you if you[怪笑] like gacha and obviously grinding. Once you get in you can't get out. [開心]

Ash Arms | Japanese


the graphic is pretty good, the sound is amazing, the storyline is good, the gameplay is good but need more flexible. over all the game is great.[色色][色色]

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Looks interesting it's not that bad i guess? At least the 
art is looks good
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