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I like how this game always surprises you.
The graphic and gameplay are simple but neat and pleasant.
It's all in Japanese, but you can read the texts in english if you tap the screen.
The "self" of the voice even changes if you do certain things. All these are small but thrilling surprises as yiu discover them.
But of course the best part is the Voice. The lovely Yuuki Aoi's shota voice is absolute bliss to the ears✨

I wasn't expecting much from this game, but as much as it may not have anything incredibly outstanding, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it sucked me in.
The story is deep and interesting, the colours, sounds and traps make everything more thrilling.
Never thought I'd be so scared of a pixeled game!!!



I'm not a fan of tapping games, but this one is really nice.
It's interesting how each of your choices change the outcome of the game.
The game is about you, but the story is about Es, which is confusing but intriguing.
There are 3 endings, that change based on your choices.
Can also be a interesting way to know more about yourself through the "tests"
Can't say that the results are always 100% right, but they do make you reflect sometimes.
A well made short, mysterious and intriguing game.

Pixiv Comic


Nice app to read manga and follow artists/mangakas you like.
Can be used for free or by charging coins
A nice way to support the works you love!

Disney Twisted Wonderland


I'm not a Disney fanatic lover, so I can't say anything regarding that aspect, but it's a nice game a bit on the hard side.

There are lots of pretty boys that you get to know as each dorm appears. And between the chapters, there are events inspired by other "minor" Disney tales.
The gacha rate is not the highest out there, but the diamond pass is not that expensive. (So rather than just pulling every time, just wait for your fav characters)

The BGM and little hints here and there to Disney are nice, as well as the fact that the boys are not your usual Bishounen, as the title says they all have a bit of a twisted personality, which is differend and nice.

Last but not least, I like how it's not your usual otome game, cuz as for the setting you're a boy, so no romance and overdoing sugar-coating, but I assure you it's cute and exciting all the same!!!

A diamond in the rough! 💎
Characters a bit messed up, but they have nice voices and interesting personalities.
True rivalry between characters, and the battles result are decided by all players.
The best part are the awesme songs, sung by real artists!!!
I've been playing it since the release and I'm enjoying it fully and without paying any money at all.
Not your usual rhythm game, an interesting change of pace if you're looking for something a bit different!

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hope Hypnosis Mic's game won't really be delayed!!!
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