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Wonderful story, fun gameplay. I love all the seiyuu and their performances! Only downside is the gacha rates... 1.2% for a 4* character. But plenty of chances for rerolling which is nice!



mediocre.... gameplay is auto with occasional taps... file size is large for what it is

I feel like the F/GO Comparisons are a bit unfair. t
The game has improved in visuals since its initial trailer, distancing itself from F/GO in that department. The game starts with a guaranteed 5☆ gacha pull, and after that the gacha rates are fairly forgiving, at 2% for a 5☆ Character, a step above recent games like Dragalia Lost.
The battle system has nuance, with the ability to set up 2 teams of 4 characters each, with a burst limit system and a slider of attacks for each character. There is also a x2 and auto options, and the AI is decent enough most of the time not to get themselves killed.
For pre-registration you're given enough stars for a 10 pull along with a 10 pull ticket, making rerolling easy, especially with the first free gacha being after a short initial download. I have a lot of faith in this game, and am having a lot of fun with it so far.

Azur Lane | English


best mobage

very similar to A3!, down to the same artist, but is refined in a lot of ways. training is a lot snappier than A3!, and I personally like the character designs more as they are more mature.



gameplay is similar to games like Ensemble Stars and A3!, but in my opinion goes a bit faster than those. SSR rates are 3%, which is decent and comparable to similar games on the market. Art is really good, characters are very cute.

3D models are good, reroll friendly, but gameplay is kind of boring and samey

PETS Academia


confusing gameplay, asks for way too many permissions



good graphics, high 5* rate, easy gameplay like A3

fun game, but rates for gacha are bad. i did 20 10 pulls (1000 jewels) in the gacha and only ended up with 4 SSRs total, only 1 of which was rate up.
Still fun, and will continue to play but as F2P getting more jewels from this point on will be difficult.

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