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1. Target/LIs are hot. Looks 10/10. Not really satisfied with their characterisation though, it feels like they depend a lot on stereotypes.

2. Romance/stories are... a bit rushed? Understandable for an otome sets in (mobile) chatting/texting format, but. Still.

3. I have no problem with timed chats. Really. I have experience with MysMe. I can deal with it. WHAT I don't like is that some of these chats time differences is only one minute.
Yes. That's right. ONE. MINUTE. You missed it and BAM. You have to pay.

4. Bugs. Although recent updates help a lot with these, it still annoying to go through this. I'll give this a pass as it is a new game.... for now.

End notes: reading back this review may seems like a flame (lol), but right now I genuinely enjoy this game... however in it's current state I don't see staying long for it.
I may update this review once S2/S3 are out; but for now my review are for S1 (it's current state).

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The new mode is so cute 🥹
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