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Tsukino Paradise


I really really like this game I've played tons of idol games but I couldn't find anything that really fits me right until I found Tsukino Paradise! I really enjoy playing this game and there's so many thinga happening so you won't feel bored The drop rates are ridiculously amazing so I have many 4*s which is way more than I've ever had on any other game It makes me feel happy I can more than likely get my best boy's 4* card uwu ❤️ The songs are amazing really I mean it and they have like their own theme like SOARA has an upbeat feel happy vibe to their songs or how Growth has a magical fairy king kind of feel to their songs! I really don't understand the stories at all but I bet they're good lol AND despite being a fully Japanese game it was really really easy for me to learn to navigate through the game I highly recommend this game to anyone!
ryota best boy btw!

SuperStar BTS | Japanese


I love it! (>^ω^

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