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Muy entretenido, admito que me da mucha risa jugar con estos ninis, es muy bueno para pasar un buen rato derribando todo.

RockMan X Dive


Un gran juego, me siento muy feliz de ver de nuevo a X y los demas maverick hunters, como con todo juego de celular necesita mejorar en su rendimiento, pero ya que esta iniciando espero siga mejorando.



My favorite app to search, find and enjoy different fan art of anime.

Smart Phone Hospital


Simple and funny, I think this app could have more functions of maintance but it is okay.

I thought too much about of install this one, but it is not as bad as I thought. I think I could put it a good use, and yes, I agree with everyone who have tried the app that it definitely needs an English translation and more interactions with Sei.

I am not used to play these kind of apps, but I admit this app has lots of excellent seiyuus and they really do their work, I tried the app because I liked the humanoid whose cv is Sho Okumura, I was surprised to listen to him there, I liked so much his voice in "fire emblem if" as Silas, being Silas one of my loved characters in fire emblem, anyway, I will continue trying this app[害羞]

Granblue Fantasy


Simply excellent, it is so good and interesting, I will try to be a good adventurer here.



It is a shame, this game in my opinion could be better, I like some guys in this game, they are more descent in art style than other otome games, the music and graphics are very good, the gameplay is not good, it could be less passive and not automathic, it need more passion and action with commands and strategy, I hope squarenix can fix this game and be better.

I tried this one, I think it is good, I would prefer it could have more options like alarms and notes.

I like this game, it is interesting, fun and its difficulty is very good, but its drop-rating is a pain, may the luck and the power stay with you if you want a certain servant, anyway this game is good.

It is so cute and funny, I love sumisumi[開心]

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I have the mine too[賣萌] I am so happy I have Arthur with me[開心] Read Note
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