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If you used to playing handheld or without a tablet, expect to have a hard time.

+ Stunning graphic
+ Great collection and high quality of tracks as you might expect
+ Unique Arc in its gameplay that give the reputation.
+ Somehow you become a big D chad by playing this game (?)
+ Pretty good amount of tracks that you can get for free (Although still require grinding World Mode)

- Song unlocking is very slow. You started with minimal selection and have to go through World Mode to get more (which also timelocked with Stamina). The rest of the songs need to unlock via paying for individual collection (which is understandable).

- Most story seems to lock behind paywall ... which I am not a fan of (even the main story, which is wtf).

- Specifically tailored to play with index finger. I dont think thumb is completely impossible but it will be much much harder.

- As you get higher, you might want a tablet... for the space to move your fingers around, and not yeet your phone to the other side of the room accidently when doing some sliding action.

Star Healer


+ Cute graphic and unique art style.
+ Combat is fun where I can play a bullet hell against bosses.
+ Charming music.

- The game feel ... incomplete. Gameplay wise, enemy doesnt do anything special. Boss fight across 6 chapter are the same, just having like 1 new move each chapter (Im currently at 7). Sometime the amount of thing on the screen can be overwhelm to the point you cant see anything to dodge.

- The game feel incomplete due to the in game notice barely say anything and its a mess to read through (at least in English). There is not much else to say at the moment.

Neural Cloud | English


Give this a try for 2weeks-1month, and decide. It still a better game than most garbos games on the market.

+Cool visual, a big step up from GFL mixed bag of art style and inconsistency.
+Slightly better gameplay compared to Blue Archive where u get to dictated more how battle will flow.
+The addiction of gacha good function everyrun inside an alr gacha game.

- IT IS NOT NEWBIE FRIENDLY. It is "fair enough" for f2p but you pay you just get significantly more value. 1* and 2* start with less equip slot and no ult, so compared to 3* they literally cost more to develop.
- JESUS they managed to make the shard system even more obnoxious than BA. Your unit cant use Ultimate without 3*, and to level up ult, you need higher rarity. Did I mention they have 1.5* 2.5* 3.5* 4.5* rarity? BA only lock passive behind rarity and the weapon only a stats buff. This feel worse. This also mean if you have a change of plan, good luck raising a new unit with that time gate.
- The game also do a mediocre job on explaining the game mechanic and terminologies. I made sure to read full tutorial, read every monster skill, unit skill, just to realized the main point is: just get good rng function. Barely even explain what hashrate, operand is and bombard u with just all new fancy term ...
- Problem with auto chess combine with that RnG function system mean in a gameplay perspective, high chance you dont even know HOW you lose, and thats a bad design for me. Oh you failed, get your unit pump with level and try again.

Path to Nowhere


Updated as of February 1st 2023

This game started really strong for me, but gradually fall off in gameplay due to they are not quite sure how to balance end game contents. The story progression is nice, I can feel the gradual increasing difficulty, but most of it come from raw stats increase.
This result in Side Event mostly too easy and any mechanic ev introduced is either ignored or irrelevant, at best feel inconsistent.
The new Belphegor Museum Event really sickening me on the fact that it filled with excessive filler battle that are largely sleep inducing. This is where I put down the game.

+ They pretty generous with the gacha currency.
+ You dont need Top rarity character to clear the content, and B and A rank units are genuinely fun and awesome to use.
+ Very interesting, although niche story.
+ Crimebrand system create a whole new level of customizing your team combo and playstyle.

- Some bosses are very unclear on what their abilities are or when they trigger it, that sometime make me feel frustrated.
- Difficulties between stages feel inconsistent sometimes.
- While there are a lot of unit you can use, you are limited to at most 7-8 of them or you will depleted your resources and stuck for a long time (raising unit is pretty expensive even for lower rarity).
- Balancing content is a mess right now.
- Endgame is largely boring and some mode seriously need a skip function as they dont have any real replay value :/
- Skins are still paid but thats just nitpicking

Memento Mori


To start, this is an idle game, so if you are someone who enjoy a deep gameplay game, this is probably a NO.
SET FPS TO 30 so your phone wont be burning.

- This is imo is a decent "idle" game. While whales have very big advantages, it doesnt matter if your goal is to chill with the story, art style and music (although my battery might have something to say about that).

- While combat is auto, you can actually read skills and consider a combination of unit for the best outcome. For example, a unit require crit to be strong need a unit that buff on crit rate, a unit that need enemy to be poisoned to inflict more dmg will want more debuff accuracy gear/other unit help debuff poison. In short, while combat itself is mindnumbing, there is a few team building elements here and there.

- If you find yourseld hardstuck, just relax to the music and art style, its an idle game so take it easy.

- If you dont like idle game, this is probably a 2/10.
- As an idle game tho I think its 8/10.

If you familiar of bandori, you will feel right at home.
You can play as much as you want, no stamina, but live boost can be spent just like bandori, cap at 10.
+ Beautiful cards illustration (although some 4* does look a bit meh)
+ Great collection of songs, from the bands themselves and covers that can be bought easily overtime, and constantly add songs every week.
+ Plenty of free roll currency that you can grind out (watching "lives" in real time ingame, raising bond of characters and between the characters, challenges, characters lobby 1st time dialogues, uncapping, etc.).
+ Tapping and playing feels good.
- Event are kinda repetitive, I do hope they manages to find some variety like in idolm@ster cinderella girl.
- Terrible chance to get your desire character, as all banner will feature at least 3 4* with still a chance to get off banner (which I get a lot). Thats just how these music game goes.
- Cheerful live (team event) still has bug where its either an instant queue or 99s without matching. Though this type of event doesnt happen too often.
- Compare to bandori, I feels like leveling, upcap your characters stats and skills feels much more tedious and expensive, but this might just be a newcomer problem. (yes, this mainly affect your gem income from leveling and unlocking 2* card story)

Alchemy Stars | Global


I pick up this game because of how unique it look in gameplay, and charning graphic at a glance.
With almost 7 months in now, here are my thoughts:
+ Basic mechanic is fine, you need to utilize different element tiles and unit that can manipulating the "alchemy board" to move around the map and attack enemy.
+ Charming graphic, great music immediately throw me back to the feeling of Arknights main screen, where I can just afk and enjoy the music. You can also customize which music to play on your main screen.
+ Although the game right now is very meta-focused, there is room for creativity and branch out strategy if you put your effort in.
+ Devs seems to pick up on players feedbacks relatively quick and try to fix most glaring issue within a respectable pace.
- Meta-focus make most team setup pretty linear. With the 70% of the recent boss and enemy just straight up immune to CC and DoT like poison, bleed, etc really limiting the variety of playstyle and strategy.
- While the illustrating and background is beatiful, the ingame sprite and effect leave much to be desire. PAID skins can use at least some changes in their skill, and attack chain combo effect :/ We spent real money for just the illustration where tons of game with free skin come with at least some minor change in skill effect.
- Unit balancing right now is sort of a mess, units that are borderline broken and units that are just not really worth using.
- Please rebalance Phorosion, the boss feels annoying to win, and when I beat it, I feel like I got rid of a nuisance, not satisfyingly overcome a challenge.

This game is not the most newbie friendly, and you will need to join discord to have a good start. It can be enjoyable or annoying depend on your taste. I recommend at least give it a shot for a week or two.

Epic Seven | Global


To be fair, this is among the good gacha game, and let me tell you why.
+ Possible to play full f2p no problem, but pvp wont be an easy road.
+ They add lots of system, and free stuffs to boost progression for PvE and newcomers. I never feel more comfortable starting the game again after quittng for 2 years.
+ Their graphic quality has been consistently great, and I always appreciate it.
+ Roll currency is pretty generous, if you play the game normally and not going crazy on all banner, a sure win is pretty easy to reach.(Mystic and ML gacha is still a pain, ngl)
+ COMPLETELY F2P-able battle pass with good value. I swear most battle pass require paying nowadays.
+ They doing a pretty nice job (for me) to make their micro transaction mostly looked unappealing, and the big part of it is because, if you play the game enough, you know you can get those with effort and time spent just playing the game xD

- Endgame eventually will be pvp and guild war, so if you are not a big fan of pvp like me, endgame can be boring.
- PvP is highly depend on roster, and heavily in favor of ML heroes, which is a pain to do gacha for.
- Even though they add conversion, modification, etc. low roll on stats still ruin my day, and pvp soon enough.

All and all, a pretty worth playing game right now.⁸

Arknights | English


updated as of 19th February

+ Gacha is not bad, there are many way to guaranteed powerful characters without fully rely on rng.
+ Superb music, very good visual style.
+ Various events, come with unique maps, different enemy types and mechanics.
+ Many ways to play and customize your playstyle.
+ With enough effort or guides from youtube, reaching bare minimum reward is managable even if you dont have the best gacha luck.
+ Currency for skin is completely f2p-able.

= So far almost a full singleplayer experience, except support borrowing. Although I assume co-op mode is still in development and I am looking forward to it.

- Im not fully dislike how arknights auto deploy work, but I would love to see a continuous repeat option.
- Meta can make gameplay a bit linear.
- Its still a gacha game, so if your luck is terrible, the fun can be affected by it due to the fun lies on how you can customizing your playstyle.

After 2 years, this game havent lose me one bit. New major events always come with slight tweak on mechanic and enemy variety that never ceased to impress me. With extra permanent content like Integrated strategy 2 and I assume soon, Co-op the future of this game looked hopeful

Blue Archive | Japanese


Updating as of April 29th
Tl;dr this game is pretty good to play casually, but if you are like me and seeking something on the level of arknights' gameplay then this probably isn't for you.
+ Gameplay is okay, wonky AI sometimes is annoying and frustrating.
+ Cute, well-made graphic, music is good also.
+ Team building
+ Fast farming without skip ticket, perfect for just login periodically, do daily stuff and get out if you are tight on time. (to finish daily stuffs roughly take somewhere between 5-10 minutes).
+ Some high rarity character can be farmed.
+ Has raid battles with multiple variety (pure single boss, mobbing boss and multiple phase boss).
- Fragment and sushiman stages does not guaranteed drop ... making a grind is already long take longer (especially if you have bad rng after rerolling and lack units to progress)
- No pity system mean you might experiencing bad rng, although there is a spark system at the cost of 200 rolls.
- Very meta heavy when it comes to raids.
- Progression can be hammered if you have terrible luck, and investing in a temporary unit is very expensive (there is almost no cost difference between raising a natural 1* and 3*, and raising 1* is much more costly if they need to be 3* to be worth using, take Asuna for example).

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