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Shoutry, yeah i remember them from the previous game called PocketLord. Ah takes me back.. unit raising back then was nice and fun.

Okay so now it's Stampede.

Graphics - I say superb, feels like the original pocketlord only different in game setup.

Sounds - the sound is great (for me) kinda brings me back to the old game but it still is good

Gameplay - different from the previous game since you get to battle infinitely, even if you lose you'll get reincarnated and get power-ups to raise your main chara (Princess) and 4 random soldiers (get replaced everytime you reincarnate or you can job change em).
- there's still the map exploration part (unlocked when u reach wave 5 i think..) a dungeon (unlocked when u reach wave 20). basically you get to collect random equipment from each wave you fight.
- save up some gems for power-up or to gacha new characters (for rank up), princess sprites (changeable when you reincarnate) and artifacts that boost your soldier and princess.

Storyline - still a big question mark for me..even the first game didn't have a story, but it's exploration type and wave clearing so...moving on

Value - okay, so like usual i normally put 5 stars on value as long as it can be played offline. no more discussion there.

For more info..try it. It's a good pastime game if you want to collect and challenge yourself.

Rabbit RPG


Graphics - It feels retro RPGs from the SNES times.

Sound - haven't played it too long for now, but on what i hear ingame so far, is good.

Gameplay - It feels like playing classic Final Fantasy games (with job/class ones). Basically you're picking 1 of 10 rabbit variants (and pick 3 more later after starting) with their own unique builds, divided into:
Attacker, Defender, Magic user, Speedy type, attacker-defender hybrid, attacker-magic type, defender-magic type, attacker-speed type, defender-speed type and speedy-magic type? (not sure on last chara type will review it later)

Storyline - since i can't read 100% Japanese text at the moment, i get the gist that 10 brave rabbits will fight with the so-called Zombie King and so you need to set off from the rabbit town of Lagomorph and explore the Dungeon to maybe strengthen up and get weapons to fight the Zombie King.

Value - you can save only in town (which is like a save point area) and... it can be played offline so value is 5 ⭐ automatically.

speaking of the town of Lagomorph there is:
an item shop,
weapon/armor shop,
bar (to change/recruit rabbits),
magic shop,
MP recover inn + save point &
HP recover clinic,
and lastly 2 random peddlers (item shop consumable and for magic spells i think).

If you can play Japanese games... Try it. [開心]

The Way Home


Offline playable game? Yes! instant 5 🌟 value.

Hmmm i just reached 2nd island at the moment, going f2p mode as usual (yes my lunch and dinner is instant noodles from too much gacha games) hence kinda slow life.

Feels like Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon although you only bring starting weapon (+2-3 equips later on via upgrades) and level resets to 1.

Level up is unique as you get to pick what power up/skill you want during the runs so it's kinda new twist from normal resetting dungeons.

Challenges in the dungeons are a bit tricky sometimes unless you get how the enemy attack patterns (especially the bosses), it is enjoyable for RPG crazed players (maybe like me) I guess.?

Well enough info, try it and see for your self.

Clicker Cave RPG


for now i think i should try out all donkysoft games, yeah the game sprites are kinda making me try them all out.

Graphics - It is almost the same graphics as Clicker Tower 3 and Tofu Fantasy, the difference is the game setting. Language wise, same as usual (as long as the message conveyed with poor english, i will definitely be able to play it normally, keep it up Developer-san)

Sounds - The sound is so-so for me, not too bad just enough for normal gameplay

Gameplay - The game setting is like first person dungeon trecking.
Cooldown on Heal and Magic attack (seems fair)
you can also summon monsters infinitely depending on floor area.
Pretty much straightforward but you'll be able to understand the mechanics as you play.
Tapping towards the upper part of the dungeon screen will move you forward the map and tapping below it will move you back, there's also a dive forward to the end of the current map (not recommended unless you're really strong level wise)
Infinite grinding

Storyline - I didn't get why you would travel inside a dungeon but I like exploring and grinding so...why not

Value - as usual anything offline playable is automatic 5 star rating for me.

If you're curious try playing it then judge for yourself.
You only need to test play most of the games you find to find truly great ones.

Oh as usual this game gives you items for beating bosses so be sure to pick em up as you progress in this dungeon travelling game.

Oh right when you get defeated.. you'll move back for around 100 steps backwards but you'll be able to resume exploring with full HP... not yet sure if bosses tend to appear in floors like A-450-455.

Clicker Tower RPG 3


Game is simple and straightforward. You tap enemies to beat em completely and gain EXP and gold.

Gold, you use it to buy for status upgrades to increase your stats during level up.

Graphics - fairly okay, the goofy enemy sprites are cool

Sounds - average, not so bad

Gameplay - easy and straightforward as said above

Storyline - I guess the main chara loves her pet Cat so much to travel various dungeons to search for it .
Translation is a bit odd maybe due to developer-san's language is not english (it is acceptable in my opinion as long as the message you convey in understood)

Value - as usual, for the biased gamer who is me. Offline playable games are fine. The game will also let you collect game as you idle along a day until you open it so yes this is always high.

Zombie Ground2


Hmmm feels like the game Magic Survival, but now it's chara vs zombies.

The game is a survival as long as you can type.
You level up and get to pick 3 skills and last longer as the enemy gets tougher.

If it's a game to keep you occupied, this might be a good choice... although i am kinda biased on offline possible games as long as it keeps you busy why not.

I do hope the game has some kind of weapon, character and enemy dictionaries of sort.

Try this if you're free, who knows it might be a good catch.



The game is pretty much a survival hack and slash type, you control the avatar's class (various class to unlock and pick).

- so mainly there's avatars to unlock
- classes to unlock and master
- research skills to help you survive
- and unveiling various magic fusions (aka your attacks)

the goal is to survive as long as possible, revival in-game is possible by 1 skill once, and if you play online (should still be once as well).

It's possible to play it offline and of course beat your own personal records on the maps available.

for each map a certain time of survival is needed to unlock another area. for now there's at least 5 of em

hopefully there's updates to increase avatars, classes, artifacts, fusions and maps. you gotta try this if you wanna challenge yourself [厲害]

btw, it's possible to switch it to English language in options.



The game seems familiar...
Graphics - it is good
Sounds - it's good too
Gameplay - the HP/MP/TP system is ok balances the game i guess.
Storyline - i can't read 100% Japanese but I'm willing to endure it (feels like my FFIV JP run ages ago, trial and error mode... let's go !
• level up system is controlled too, you get to pick who to level up and when xD but you have to farm the experience by battling multiple times
Value - as usual anything playable offline is 5* for me, saves me from using mobile data or when WiFi isn't available.

Overall i find the game exciting, hope i can progress forward more in the game.

Oh it feels a lot like Lufia series i think... :D

Try it and experience it xD

Micro RPG


graphics - it's good, funny and cute designs
sounds - okayish, there's no problem in my opinion
gameplay - fairly easy, turn based and equipment variable attack options
storyline - odd for heroes to be in vacation without replacement really, but it's beta at the moment, maybe it'll change a bit but the plot is ok in my opinion
value - as long as it's offline playable (which it is) instant 5 star for me. value wise i keep offline playable High 4*-5* anyday.

Oh by the way, keep an eye on the Turn Count xD
I missed it on Boss Area stage and got defeated due to turn limit xD

graphic - it's fairly ok
sounds - no problem too
gameplay - i like the gameplay, you get to forge weapons from materials you farm in the field or from monsters and combine them
storywise - i couldn't raise it more at the moment, since, i can't grasp the whole script yet
value - great! this game is ok, i can also play it offline so i would recommend for those who can read and play JP games.

it's a fun way to forge a sword that looks like a real one, i mainly forge like weird sword like thingies at the moment.. it's enjoyable in a sense..! [開心]



graphics - it feels like dungeon dice in dragon quest series (it feels to be the inspiration for this game).
sounds - sounds ok to me, no problems there.
gameplay - you roll the dice to move around the tiles, most of the starting stats are low, but as you progress you can get power ups. max dice rolls, battle power, life they'll all improve, you just need gold for the dice power.
storyline - the plot seems odd for a king to turn his kingdom into a board game-esque setting and getting you the (lazy) hero to reclaim the stolen treasures that are randomly scattered over the land.
value - since the game is playable offline it's maxed out for me always, well if it's for passing time, this is a fun way i guess.



Hmmm game is simple

Wait for ducks to lay egg... pick a duck to keep, hatch more mutated ducks. There a hole to dispose of unwanted ducks too.

Graphics - seems ok, it's ducks what you expect xD
Sounds - ok as well, you only hear quacking so it's a given.
Gameplay - simple you wait until the egg incubates before you can hatch it, the rarer the egg (longer it takes i guess?)
Storyline - story is 1000% simple raise ducks
Value - since you'll want it for passing time, it'll work out, offline playable too so instant 5.

Well for gamedevs, i think putting in a register for duck mutation is a must?Iit'll feel like a collection game with that. [開心][微笑]

World Zombie Contest


well I'm just starting right now...

gameplay wise it seems ok, easy to follow the ingame instructions and it's playable OFFLINE.

i think I'll have to progress a bit more and see what more i can find.

Graphics - not so bad but it's zombies so it's a given.
Sounds - enjoyable, i just didn't know zombies scream.
Gameplay - see above.
Storyline - i dunno i never tried being a mad scientist before but let's give it a go.
Value - Offline playable games is a definite 5 Value for me.

BattleDNA3 - idle RPG


Gameplay is ok , auto battle and you can set them up manually too in detail.

Simple and easy to play.
Offline = Great

Just setup the battle in a stage your party survives and fire away. It's just grindy (which is ok for me)

Just the storyline is missing i guess. But it's ok for me.

Your English is fine as well, game development team, don't worry. As long the message is conveyed, a little bit of a typo can be corrected.



Is ok to play GBF with. Problem is I still see some more of the in-game lag happening now and then... probably my local connection but I'm still checking.

Tenmilli RPG


Hmmmm I'm still trying this out... Seems ok for me.

Graphics - simple and familiar
Sounds - is ok
Gameplay - easy to play
Story - haven't progressed a lot so have to go thru the game more
Value - offline option! yes this is what i want, to be able to play RPG endlessly anytime with or without online option.[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

Yorozuya RPG


Hhmmm earning gold is the hardest part in my opinion.
Game play wise it's simple and straightforward nice work game devs.
The enemies sprites are vaguely familiar so it's fun in its own way, grinding is my forte.
Story is kinda straight as per my gameplay in these past 3 days, i just dunno if there's a recommended level cap per new area ^-^;
Value wise I'd say 5 stars because it can be played offline, it's rare to find games that i can play even offline nowadays.
Please do your best game devs. o/

SINoALICE | Global


Hmmm gameplay wise it seems ok.

So I'm going F2P route here.
Just get the characters you want first probably.
Then save for gach.

Tip: Roll for a balanced gear at start, should be a good idea.

Big Bad Monsters


Game seems fine, wrecking town in stages is fun.

Need that gacha right away

For starters this game is slightly similar to once I've seen before but haven't played yet so this is a first for me.

Gold and Candies seems to be the ingame currency, just wish there's an english tutorial somewhere

Ok update, so it seems you go raid your neighbors for gold and candies with a time limit, so base readjustment and defense is crucial so you get to keep some for yourself, I'm losing gold and candies even if i reached a defense of 10k already 0w0.

I'm starting new to this series, ingame instruction is kinda confusing, I'll have to check on how it's played better. For now I'm doing trial and error for everything. and yes gacha hates me. @_@

I hope the game gives me some more reason to continue, I like these kinds of battles.

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