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V4 | Global


amusing just like any other mmorpg, but this one thing bug me, I'm using female knight for "plot" and the way she attacks is kinda funny, the skill say that it'll be aoe, but it doesn't aoe at all, when the skill happen any other mob with one to two radius didn't get affected at all, just passing bay, the mob is pretty tammed, but once the story hit you, you'll be surrounded by mob, 3-4 more mob hitting you rhythmically hp goes geronimo but the way you attack is hitting the mob one per one, you hit one mob until it dies then swicth to the next mob, repeat ,the aoe didn't work at all, so killing only around 40 mob will take soo much time than other mmorpg that can kill 1000 in 5minutes with average level and equip

hope it reach the dev



the camera feature is biggest "plot" on this game, the gameplay was fair good, leveling pretty easy, just head to special dungeon each day and you'll be at higher level in no time, acquiring material for enhance is kinda hard and slow for f2p so just be patient, the point is grinding and when some player hit you at random map in pvp mode, just let slide, died revive head back to grind site and re do your daily 1000killing for each species mob on that dungeon

anything about this game is good, the motion so fluid despite being mmorpg with so much other char on site, with proper phone and setting it didn't lag at all, leveling and acquiring money and resources so far pretty easy, the only one that i discomfort is some player saying bad word at the chat service, any other than that i got no complaints

Over Eclipse


if you okay with the graphic then this game is for you, not for me, not in a bad way it's just wwwwww meh xD

super humble with the gift, already can obtain ssr like 5 char and assembly it to my team, and it was super strong, leveling is easy but it's cost a lots, just simply idle the game and after back for a while your team obtain some valuable material for leveling like a lots; enough to high level just one char and it can be repeated until all your char on team is high level enough to though any chapter n mini games

Source Contract | Korean


the gacha is bad, as for mine i was on my 2week play and still have ssr from the gift not from the gacha pool, the next gemplay just close your eyes imagine this is honkai but fantasy magic sword monster and dragon, the enemy can easily pin down on you spam their attack until you dies, especially boss, they have gimmicks too, so yes the pvp is "just lost already if you don't have ssr with higher build" other than that, you better grind your team for higher combat point for the next chapter story, it's warning since the number they put in it is real deal, if you can't over that number, be ready for it, the way enemy attack is can't be canceled, some times it does combo, so just stay away until the enemy stop their animation attack and then your turn, the evade buttom is hopeless so it's no no, there is auto button too in it but I'm not recommended, it can stuck you at some random fence like an hours, other than that this game is an okay, try it, feel it on your own perspective

all i can say that the game is really hard
you need good strategies good luck and good horse
since good horse (ssr) have best attribute as starter, so when it comes to train your horse you just need to arrange what best training for her, cover up her weakness or sharpening her forte, it's matter of luck since sometimes rng put you in bad situations like train didn't goes well, the number of your horse in race is too behind, sometimes rain in race bring bad mood to the horse, you need that all
plus it's saddening to see your horse can't win the race, like all the attributes was fine and stuff but the other horse was like mad machine running taking better place like piece o cake while your horse seems struggle just to obtain 4th position, really break my heart
other than that, this game is masterpiece

that repeat and auto battle they implemented, makes me just do one tab and enjoy the soundtrack

Lord of Heroes


not that good not that bad

Tales of Erin | English


the game can stop an stuck at no apparent reason, in the middle of fight, or tutorial, or you just doing gacha, and you have to redo everything after that, so is there anybody here know the solution?
other than that, the gacha was fine, the gameplay too, the graphic n stuff was 8/10

the game is hard, you need to do combo icon to perform skill for ur chara, and mostly 4icon for best ulti like skill, but it miss able, so yeah waste time to build 4icon, then tap then miss, then the enemy hit you back rinse and repeat
the level sistem is weird, since you like to collect stuff from the game farm like mechanic, and it need to cool down like whole day, so at first it will give you 5000item exp per day (wow) for each mechanic farm thing, and your chara need prox 1000to level up one level, so you need to build two of this thing to obtain 10000 item exp to level ur (only one char) chara 10 levels per day
the AI for auto is not recommend, since it's super stupid
the gacha, you want to pull 10 roll? keep dream on it, it'll be long road to do, about the result, it'll be mostly 3* or 2* dupes

the only good about this game is 5* chara, level it up at 10 and it'll be do dmg like 500 - 1000 for 2 icon skill

and how to obtain 5* - 99% umustpay - 1%maybeluck

Arknights | English


plants vs zombies but animu

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the game stuck anyone have solution for this?  Read Note
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