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for the event.
did play the game tbh, the p2w aspect of it really set me off



this game reminds me of dragon ball legends, a game that has great potential but sadly was ruined by the devs' greed.
ever since the hololive collab and the origin update the game went downhill.
if you're F2P, look elsewhere (i mean, paying $40 for skins is insane, hololive or not!)

ALICE Fiction


i want to give this game a 5 star cause it's truly great, but sadly I can't. The reasoning behind it is the poor android 13 support (I am not able to launch the game for a while now, and there is no ETA for a possible fix - meanwhile, the game continues to run & 'm missing events and other rewards). I've tried to contact support in order to transfer my data to an Android 12 based device but didn't receive any help from them.
probably going to quit soon

3/8 edit - i came back to the game after a several months for anni (stopped right before the management change).
The game as it is right now is bearly playable - the loading times and the huge framerate drops really hurts - even moving between screens takes a lot of time (and my phone uses a very capable processor).
such a shame to see the game like this



this game has huge potential, not gonna lie, but bandai namco's business decisions ruind it (it basically turned it into a p2w game)

SINoALICE | Global


overall, this is a fantastic game.
the visuals are amazing, the ost is great and the gameplay is fun and the gatcha is ok so far.
the main part of this game is it's story - there are about 5 (dont quote me on that) starter characters, each one has its own story path (that can be played with or without the "main character " of that story).
the main theme is Disney's princess gone wrong.
not gonna go into details cause I don't want to spoil it.

now, my only issue (and the reason i didn't give it a 5☆) is the PVP.
the problem is that the pvp itself isn't accessible all day (like in most games), instead, it is open on specific time slots.
the idea itself is nice but the problem is that is hard to find a suitable time slot, especially for new players.

Crash Fever | Global


overall, the game is pretty good, the graphics are gorgeous (planty of waifus), the gameplay is kinda casual, making it very accessible to everyone, there are a lot of events and f2p characters that are easy to get.
my biggest (and only) issue with the game is that they drop a new banner every week, and I know its how gatchas usually works but guys, let us f2pers some time to recover (also, every banner is in a form of a step up so saying "wait for step-ups" doesn't apply here).
p.s- there is no actual story mode, just normal missions

great gameplay, great waifus, no gatcha... iits n absolute win for me

edit: i admit that i first wrote the review for the event but after playing for a while i have some things to say about this game.

sure, the waifus are great and there is no character gacha (there is equipment based tho) but i personaly find the gameplay a bit grindy so if you want to play it, you should first consider that

fun gameplay, great story (at least up to the point i reached), graphics are great.
the only downside i found was connectivity issues but thats acceptable since its only a beta

looking forward to the full game

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