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Pigg Life


Simple and easy farming game with cute customization options!



Cute art, decent variety. Hoping more content will be added later (・ω・)

Interesting characters, easy yet balanced gameplay, matchmaking seems fair. Overall, I really like this MOBA compared to others on the market right now.
10/10 would recommend (・ω・)



Great graphics, fluid animations and gameplay, overall it's not bad. So far I've been able to play without VPN

Helix Waltz | English


Beautiful art and designs, engaging characters, and a somewhat solid storyline. I love that it isn't your typical dress-up game; it adds so much more to it than that. There's an actual plot and other activities such as gathering intelligence. The music is beautiful but can get repetitive. Much different than other dress-up games on the market, would definitely recommend. [厲害]

Pretty different from other games on the market. It really feels like you're a Commander, the way you produce dolls and have to watch your resources, as well as be strategic on the battlefield. Combat is fun, the animations flow nicely and the artwork is adorable! I also like the variety of weapons represented by the T-dolls 😊
Overall, I give it about an 8/10 would definitely recommend 👍

Great customization and fun gameplay! Very similar to the 3DS version except with added improvements. So far no complaints ( ・ิω・ิ)

Cute customization, easy to follow quests. If anyone has any grinding tips let me know!! [耍帥]

Underground Symphony


Black screen, doesn't load anything

Totally addicted! Been playing nonstop [色色]



Not bad. It's a typical turn-based RPG. Characters are cute and have personality. Music is meh. Overall would recommend ( ・ิω・ิ)

OVERHIT | Japanese


cute characters, fun gameplay. haven't found anything I don't like yet (・ω・)

Every girl is best girl. [色色]
no complaints I love it!!!

Tokimeki Restaurant


Cute and fun. Feels just like a normal Tokimeki game, i'm enjoying it.

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