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this game is preety decent. i would like to say this game is much f2p friendly if you know how to save the soul stones. the awakening/limit break materials are so hard, so you need more time to play this. but if you want to collect waifu material or whatever it kind, this will do. and for the storyline it's a "meh" for me.

Guardian Tales | Global


this is the most perfect game in my opinion. it has so much story, but some of them are too "dark". very f2p games, and the reason i playing this bcoz this game so much fun to play meanwhile you are in fasting. the puzzle is very challenging and the hero is also kawaii.[色色][開心][開心]

Pokemon Unite


little bit laggy/delayed.. is there anyone have same problem??



Do not download this freaking game on Qooapp.. that is just a waste of time.. it will make you to download more 3GB!! freak!!



I think this game is pretty fun, if you looking for a new game to play/focus. chara design is cute, gacha system is enough easy to build starter team (can get 3+ three stars, and u can reroll). i think this game gonna be great if they added improvement, but it's fun to play.

Shining Maiden | English


fix the bind feature soon.. i need to bind my guest acc.. and here is the fastest way to get the gems is do the arena. and this is a grinding game, don't worry about the SSR rates, R valkyrie is good too if u awaken her to *5. every hero has a differet abilities. good luck!

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Evertale if you want to play this game i'm gonna share a little bit tips for the gacha. you can reroll the early game summon if you want the specific units by watching videos on youtube. then
 you can focus on story till you have 30k skystones. wait for the lucky fortune event which you can gain 1.2-2.0x skystone from that. and the rest is let the RNG bless you😆😆
Remember,, no hornky🤣🤣🤣
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