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what the heck is this game? why this game really hard after im not playing for 2 years? why they made super shot with opposite full field move randomly,this is really stupid,i cant even move dammit. i have many old character but right now everyone 5* i have be more like shit now.

i really like this game but its feel like missing something with touma case,his speciality is imagine breaker who can nullify or break enemy magic but you cant nulify or break opponent esper and magic in this game if you not have block button or something like that,he is like normal guy with punch as attack in this game which is no one care to use him.

and you need really high spec to play this game btw,idk why. sprite and character almost like psp but more hd imo

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finally my first A rank.
padahal gak niat mainnya cuma buat completin mision tpi malah a rank ya ok lah.
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