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I think this game would probably be 4.5-4.8 stars if it were global. It is a really good game and they are active with bug fixes. Graphics are top quality and the soundtrack is amazing in quality as well. The game play is solid but a little awkward at times but im playing on mobile with no controller. The character design/menu/ui is very detailed and the art is amazing. There are a lot of game modes.

The character gacha is fair outside of 50/50 (I hate 50/50) and the hard pity on character is 160. The weapon banner is 50 pull pity for guarantee to get current 5* weapon there is no 50/50 on weapon banner! I am currently f2p and pulled 2 banner weapons in under 70 pulls and lost the 50/50 on character banner at around 40 pulls. I'll have the rate up character in 47 pulls or less. They do give you a bunch of pulls from pre-register probably like 5-6 ten pulls i don't remember. There is a beginner banner with guarnantee 5* with discount in sets of 8 instead of 10.

I hope this makes it to global.

Brawl Stars | Global


I've been playing this game since day one release and I still love and hate it πŸ˜‚

What I love: Fast Q times. Fast matches. Variety of characters to play and strategy to use. So many skins. New characters introduced frequently. Old characters are still good.

What I hate: the lag on wifi...this game is old and still not optimized for wifi. With that being said i found that if i use a good vpn (Google fi or something else thats good) the lag on wifi is little to non existent. There's no lag if you use 4g or 5g cellular data but i dont get signal in my apartment so i have to use wifi. The last thing I hate is the bots. If they are on your team you better try your best to carry but dont be upset if you lose.

At the end of the day I love this game! Great PvP. Fun events and game modes. They even have a map creation mode and people vote on how good your map is. If you like fast games with variety in playstyles try this out. If you are playing with randoms and your team is good make sure to hit play again. You can make friends with good players and have good teams for events and league play. I left out a lot but I've typed enough.

Game is good.

Starry Sea Tycoon


This is a good game. I really like the tetris/columns type gameplay to serve the customers. I've only been playing for about an hour but I like it. I'll disable ads later on but right now its fine for the extra rewards. Pretty neat game.

Edit. After playing a lot more I noticed you can tap to get more gold πŸ˜‚ its not necessary but you can. The game is so chill. I hit day two login and got new BGM it looks like every day you can get a new song and some days you get a profit boost.

When i first tried the game i had headphones on watching YouTube but later I actually listened to the game and the music is actually good in my opinion. I spent $3 to get the clouds on the water and I'll disable ads for sure in a few days and prob buy a few other things but right now it's enjoyable as is. Try it out! πŸ˜‰

Update: I disabled the ads and the game is even better now. The columns/tetris mode is way more enjoyable now that I can refresh the shapes without ads. I used most of my gems to buff offline revenue time and offline revenue bonus. Really cool game.

As someone who knows nothing about the anime here's my opinion.

The graphics: I love the character menus they look really nice, but the combat and gameplay graphics are mediocre. I don't like how far it's zoomed out and I'm not a fan of chibi so that doesn't help but if you like chibi then it'll probably be fine for you.
The gameplay is ok, nothing groundbreaking or game changing. You do have to complete different game modes and make correct choices in conversations to progress through story mode. You can't just run right through the story mode. The story is cool and I'll probably check out the anime sometime soon.
Now for the Gacha. The rates are absolutely horrible, like Mihoyo horrible. Unless you are the 0.5% of people getting multiple 3 stars in one pull or in a couple of 10 pulls you are going to pity and most likely lose the 50/50.
They were generous at launch and I think we got like 51 pulls with one banner having a guaranteed 3 star in 20 pulls. You get another 10 pull on day 2 login. It took me 7 rerolls to get Walk and Swan Lake and I got Winter from guarantee banner. I tried for Sheba but lost the 50/50 early(thankfully )with another Swan dupe.
Speaking of dupes you need 3 dupes to rank your 3 star up so at 3 star you are 0-150 with each dupe being 50 shards. I'm not sure if the amount increases or you always just need 3.
It's a cool game and I think it's worth a download to try it out. Oh and the art is top notch!
This review is based on Global.

I like it. Is it f2p friendly? Yes. If you are spending beware. If you dont have enough for 180 pulls you are in for a world of hurt unless you're extremely lucky. So its like $550 usd to guarantee the rate up banner if your luck is terrible. Overall I'm enjoying the game.

Edit. The price above is an estimate that doesn't include rewards in game like if you just wanted to swipe πŸ’³ your way and you have to do 180 pulls. I did get Seele today after 163 pulls after losing the 50/50. So from Seele banner I got Himeko and Seele.
I'm enjoying the game more as the story moves along. I highly recommend this game!

I really dont like chibi but these are thin/fit chibi so it doesn't look bad to me. I got lucky and pulled 3 iconic so im not rerolling. The gameplay is awesome and so are the animations. It reminds me of Super Dodgeball on NES amd SNES. I havent bothered translating yet but I'll get into it this weekend and take a look at the anime as well. Cool game!

Ok now that I've played a bit here are my thoughts. I did a bunch of rerolls and at one point i got 5 SSR in one pull (I do have the screenshot). Even still you're probably going to reroll for a while depending on what you want. You can have dupes of SSR MS in your party. So if you pull three of the same SSR MS you just give each suit a pilot and do battle. I thought that was weird but its op.
There's been like 3-4 maintenance since i downloaded and its still buggy for example after a 10 pull and closing out the results the screen will be black and I'll have to exit back to the main menu . The event gives you lots of mats and there's plenty of stamina so far, especially from mission rewards. The upgrade system seems ok. I skipped the story stuff because i dont understand the language but it looks good.
In the end i was bored and I like Gundam and gacha so I gave it a shot. I would have preferred it to be an action rpg but this is fine.

Dolphin Wave


Reroll friendly, Swimsuit waifus.

Excellent game. I'm playing f2p but if i was able to purchase i would have already spent money on it. Ihope this comes to global.

Chicken's Popcorn Store


It's a great game to play. I cant read the language but its easy to understand. When you burn kernels watch the ads to unlock 3 secret recipes. It is a simple game that lets you plant corn, harvest corn, make all kinds of popcorn and then sell it.
Shake the pan fast and hard for a surprise. Also, I just realized that USAYA made it and they make fun games. Try out Spirit Saga Eggplant Escapade too.

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