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I really dont like chibi but these are thin/fit chibi so it doesn't look bad to me. I got lucky and pulled 3 iconic so im not rerolling. The gameplay is awesome and so are the animations. It reminds me of Super Dodgeball on NES amd SNES. I havent bothered translating yet but I'll get into it this weekend and take a look at the anime as well. Cool game!

Ok now that I've played a bit here are my thoughts. I did a bunch of rerolls and at one point i got 5 SSR in one pull (I do have the screenshot). Even still you're probably going to reroll for a while depending on what you want. You can have dupes of SSR MS in your party. So if you pull three of the same SSR MS you just give each suit a pilot and do battle. I thought that was weird but its op.
There's been like 3-4 maintenance since i downloaded and its still buggy for example after a 10 pull and closing out the results the screen will be black and I'll have to exit back to the main menu . The event gives you lots of mats and there's plenty of stamina so far, especially from mission rewards. The upgrade system seems ok. I skipped the story stuff because i dont understand the language but it looks good.
In the end i was bored and I like Gundam and gacha so I gave it a shot. I would have preferred it to be an action rpg but this is fine.

Dolphin Wave


Reroll friendly, Swimsuit waifus.

Excellent game. I'm playing f2p but if i was able to purchase i would have already spent money on it. Ihope this comes to global.

Chicken's Popcorn Store


It's a great game to play. I cant read the language but its easy to understand. When you burn kernels watch the ads to unlock 3 secret recipes. It is a simple game that lets you plant corn, harvest corn, make all kinds of popcorn and then sell it.
Shake the pan fast and hard for a surprise. Also, I just realized that USAYA made it and they make fun games. Try out Spirit Saga Eggplant Escapade too.

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