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Toram Online RPG


The game itself is pretty simple if you think about it, but it has a good balance between auto playing and you actually having to move in the game. I really like it, the character design, even though not the best they are very pleasant to look at.

Fate/Grand Order (EN)


To be fair, it's a quiet interesting game (if you don't skip the story completely), graphics to me are really pleasant which surprised me at first, the best part of this being the noble phantasm and of course I would recommend a decent phone to be able to appreciate the graphics as much as possible. The rewards, history of the servants you summon, the ascension which reveals the looks of servants. However, if you're a sucker for the voice acting then I personally think each line and voice does a great job of capturing the essential persona of the many servants there is.
The only warning I will give is that you get really informed about what is gacha, when to do it and when not to do it. For this reason I almost entirely wanted to throw my phone through my room.
Of course with enough persistence to not to pull or just been the luckiest son of a gun you could ever be, you'll probably get the servant wanted.

Also, after you got the basic. I assure you this YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME

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