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Dolphin Wave


waifu collection but to much lag, i always need to restart the game

Breaking the 4th wall


what a good concept and game but very short thats why i put 1 star for scenario

Heaven Burns Red


The game was fun, but every this ***** game always want to dl a 368mb 0.3mb 800mb wtf ? Cant play without need to dl something .



They have destroy the game 20 to unlock the simple function. Play song !!!!!!!!! Wtf with this shit story mode found deemo, found master you are on music game not mmo

Valkyrie Force: Reborn


Only good female gameplay nothing

Final Gear | Global


Games was cool but to much different mission , protection/escort/ etc etc. But cool if its the only gacha game

Lord of Heroes


A good first party game at least im nom where we can do nothiing stack now 2 week and cant pass the boss. But the translate feature is awesome

A good game but like castlevania mobile gacha the control suck

Red Sword


A good game but very repetitive

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cant lauch mission did someone know how to fix that i cant start mission and always get this error Read Note
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