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Been stuck with this game since its first release. But, the more I get into it, the more i realize that gacha is the key to everything. And gems, of course. At first, the game was friendly enough to free players and it was so fun. I got to play with my fave characters and I could finish any stage with them. But after a year, being a free player means little chance to finish a stage. Tell you what, the gacha rate is horrible.
As the game progresses, you will be introduced to Ex weapons. The later an Ex weapon is out, the more broken it is. In which these later Ex weapons murder Ex weapons that came out earlier (and also murder the characters).
Rebalance is real, but some are rebalanced lazily (they still suck even after rebalance) some are too crazily (which makes the character so broken like a brand new character).
If you disagree with my opinion, please do write your own opinion instead of bashing me. That won't change anything.

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