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Armor Blitz


the game is great. i dig the alter-WW2 setting and storyline. its a shame its gonna cease service

World of Tanks Blitz MMO


its an okay-ish game though. some tanks are op though. everything in game has pay to win mechanincs with regards to a few ingame events, and other items such as tanks (im looking at you Smasher, Annihilator and Defender tank series) the game has gotten a lot more difficult with the grind for F2P players, matchmaking will mess you up bad the higher the tier. there are many games that are better than this though such as WT, Armored Warfare (including Armored Warfare Assault; Mobile Version; Ceased Service) Gunner, HEAT, PC! (Still on Pre-alpha stage but very promising much better gameplay too) and Steel Beasts Pro PE (Military- Grade-Tank-Training Simulator used by actual militaries possibly in Europe and elsewhere also available for the hard-core tank enthusiat who want to get an insight of working inside the tank and for aspiring Tankers as well) among others. do keep in mind win rate means nothing much here. just rely on your skill, situational awareness and understanding of your own vehicle

The game is great. the storyline, art and even its lore are all great. the gacha is decent. F2P friendly, you don't even need to spend a single cent to progress. but it take time and patience to get your waifu. there are some T-Dolls with not so good stats. in order for them to shine, you have to complement them with good T-Dolls which buff them. the game has a tactical feel to it. The addition of HOCs take the game to a whole new tactical level. Basically combined arms with Fire support and your T-Dolls going on either defense or offense.

The game is good. kinda like shump games but very good in customization of both crew and mecha. the gacha is quite decent. the art is excellent. songs from Sawano make it good too, its a recommend too if you listen to his songs.

Arknights | English


the game is great. the storyline is engrossing. moreover, the story looks like it correlates with real life events and issues both past and present and it may have predicted the future. the game has some tactical feel to it. the gacha is decent. if you did not obtain a 6-star op, it compensates with a decent 5-star op. do note that rarity does not often matter. its the ops' capabilites is what matters and their proper placement. however, if you want to recruit your husbando/waifu, your gonna need a lot of effort, time and patience. whats nice is that its F2P friendly, which means you don't have to spend a single cent to progress. its optional if you want to spend in order to progress. do also note that resource management is a complete must here; from levelling and promoting your ops to upgrading your facilities at your base. lorewise, its very interesting; the art is great. the soundtracks used in the game make the devs look like a music company than a game dev which is great. my only complaint is the sequence of events slightly deviated from its CN counterpart though. I hope that i will once again follow CN's events Sequence and the collect all though, i wanted to see how my trade posts progressed and how many gold bars were exchanged though I would not want to collect them yet. but they collected all upon tapping the trade post tho. i hope in the near future that there would be a GFLxAK collab, though it is highly unlikely. the storyline, setting intertwines together especially with GFL's story and with GFL 2 Exilium coming in soon. i hope they'll add a tower offense version of arknights soon which rivals the Anomaly Series Tower Offense games series.

Good game but loading takes too long though and became stuck there, then when I tried to restart, it stated that a network error had occured even though I have a slightly good connection. I hope this could be addressed soon. Optimize it for older but capable devices...

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