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Nothing to write home about, it's like a slightly better animated brown dust. The abilities the characters have are a snoozefest and the gacha rates are horribad, to top it all off it doesn't even seem to have the fanservice it promises.

It's alright. Good gfx but repetitive and sort of uninteresting when it comes to any form of strategy. The gacha is alright but they made the mistake of doing limited characters with no way to get extra copies down the line. Overall its passable.

Its alright 👍

Good for winter since it turns your phone into a toaster.

Soul 7: Douluo Dalu



It's a reskin of their Idol series, mostly fun for collecting the characters/art. It is good but not groundbreaking.

How To Raise a Harem



Genshin Impact


Great everything, but the gacha rates are brutal plus it's a mixed pool of chars plus weapons.

Daily gift simulator without much of a game behind it. It has some hentai but is too scared to comit. Overall it's not much content.

Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst


Sadly it's 💩. Combat isn't interesting and the gacha is pricy for the quality you get, art and animation could also be better plus the game barely runs.


Monster Hunter Riders


A shame because I wanted to like it.

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


After all this time it is finally out and it but it wasn't worth the wait.

GOETIAX | Japanese



Last Cloudia | Japanese


I liked it for a bit, but as soon as i put it down i forgot about it.

Norns Fantasy | Japanese


it's a fun little puzzle/rpg but for some reason it sets my phone on fire when it runs.

Stella Maiden | English



Fun game, but the account binding was a pain and i lost my guest account pointlessly.

So far it's one of the better games out, lot to do and pretty generous. Will probably get super grindy near the endgame but it's a fun trip.

It's a touch boring.

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