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Monster Hunter Riders


I see a lot of people giving a bad review because it didn't turn out like MHST. During pre-release promo the game's official channels never mentioned that it would be similar to MHST in any way. Lol sucks on them for assuming something without verification and then getting disappointed when it ends up being different from their expectations. Have you considered that this game may not be suitable for you?
ANYWAY I personally enjoy this mobage a lot because the events aren't fast paced and give me enough time to finish the event story and grind some event battles considering my busy schedule. The graphics are really nice and smooth and the artwork is beautiful. All the characters have their own quirks and personalities, so many hot/cute dudes and ladies and the designs are all interesting and appealing. I also like how they kept certain aspects from Stories and it feels like it may be set in the same universe but diff continent or parallel works.
The stories so far are interesting and they make me laugh for thr comedic bits and pull on my heartstrings for the emotional bits.
They're adding new Riders and stories soon which I'm looking forwards to! [開心]

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