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Blue Archive | Global


I don't know why it has such low ratings, from what I've heard it's something about censorship and of course, because it's Nexon, but honestly as a female I could care less about things like censorship lol I just want to enjoy waifu gacha games.

The music/soundtrack is amazing, that's literally what attracted me to play this game at first. I absolutely adore the characters as well! Still having a hard time choosing my favorite since they're all just so cute >.< Although there are some common tropes like tsundere, the characters are still loveable and I just get the urge to want to hug or pet them sometimes (and I can, I get to pet Arona and the girl at the shop it's just so adorable although they don't react much TT). The characters being able to say your name in voice is also such an unique feature, plus for that! Having a kind of a messenger app in the game is also beautiful, I love interacting with the characters so much through them and I get to learn more about them as well!

I'm not that into the gameplay, it's basically those games where you press on the skills and then just watch them do their thing until you have to press on skills again and also the auto is horrible so don't rely on it LOL Haven't played much but yeah I kind of get overwhelmed with many features of a new game and it takes time to get used to it all, and well I don't have much to say for the gameplay other than it's okay, just probably not my type of game but can be enjoyable for others. (Still gonna play for story and waifus)

Story is great too, I'm not that far in but I like the concept and where it's going so far. To put an end I'll just say try the game out if you don't give a shit about censorship (some girls in the game already do show lots of skin idk what's the big deal but ig just male stuff? lol), it's a great game so don't listen to those who put a bad rating just cuz it's Nexon.

This is one of the most adorable game ever, it's so cute and I just love dressing them up as well as baking all the bread and desserts and stuff >.< I've been playing it for months, not constantly, but only when I want to pass the time or felt like playing it. Really recommended!

Been playing for a few weeks and it's just so addicting! I love all of the Cookie designs and also how easy it is to get the currency for the gacha. Obviously, after a while you won't be able to gacha as much but it's very enjoyable. I usually get bored really quickly with these types of games but this game keeps bringing me back just to check how my Kingdom is doing, for the new released Cookies, to go through the story, etc. Overall very fun, enjoyable at the beginning and such an adorable theme for a game!

However it starts to lose it's charm the more you play it, but definitely fun at the beginning and a great game to pass time.

Devil Book | Global


Has potential! Just need some bug fixes and etc. Although story is kinda weird in my opinion, but will play for a bit more because it's very cute and I'd love to see improvement in the game! ^-^

CocoPPa Dolls


Its good, but short story and you gotta waste a lot of your gold [大哭]

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