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だからあなたはグーグル翻訳を使用しましたか? とにかくプロジェクトセカイとスターデューバレーはいいゲームだと思ったので、ダウンロードしてください
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だからあなたはグーグル翻訳を使用しましたか? とにかくプロジェクトセカイとスターデューバレーはいいゲームだと思ったので、ダウンロードしてください
Game Comments (2)

Stardew Valley


this is honestly my most favorite farming game out of all games, i really love the stories and the character development of each villager that is in the valley

it shows a lot of depth into the story, like the way some characters are hostile to you at first but would open up to you by time and thats shows a lot...

and i love that we can do anything we want there, like it's not really a must for you to just be a farmer, you can just do other stuff without having the pressure of the game forcing you to just farm the crops and all

the soundtracks are really beautiful and nice to listen, i personally love sebastian's theme for it's simple but really deep meaning if you look at his character

overall this is a very good game and i recommend this A LOT

this game is really good and fun to play! at first i was kinda confused since i didn't understand japanese very well, but it's easy to adapt to it (i just hope the global release will be soon)

i've had some problems where sometimes the game doesn't register my taps, but they're usually because of my phone-

i didn't really understand the storyline since it's japanese, but there is a lot of translations out there, so all is well [開心]

the lives are also fun, both multilive and virtual live, it's really fun to play with other players! the virtual lives are satisfying to watch for their choreography and visual (i sometimes come to virtual lives just to play with the ball on the lobby)

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