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Really nice idle game for men of culture who are looking for sexy games that's borderline R18.

Only thing annoying is the UI/UX where everything is all over the place in their own sections or spread into multiple sections so it can get really confusing to keep up with what you have done or haven't done for your dialies.

Shops are also split into their own sections in their own tab/button/feature/event and not consolidated in the "shop" feature so it can be hard to keep track of where to buy what or exchange for what.

Tensura:King of Monsters


tl;dr: Totally not recommended, Event exclusive gachas are locked behind paywall. You more or less need to spend real money to purchase the ticket to be able to pull the event gachas, gems earned in game can't be used to exchange it. (With a very limited exception, described below.)

I've played the traditional Chinese version and I've got to say, I absolutely do not recommend it. Unless you are a die heart slime fan, stay clear of it. I initially stayed for Shuna, but when the first event hits, even she can't keep me from quitting the game.

This review will be based on the gacha system mainly since other reviewers were more or less spot on regarding graphics, gameplay and etc, but no one mentioned about the biggest problem with the gacha system.

Yes, the rate is extremely low, just like what other reviewers have mentioned. I did 305 pulls (5 being given for free, and 300 pulls is around $1000USD worth of gems) and only gotten 1 SS and 7S (none of them is Shuna at that). But that's not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that there are 2 types of summons, normal and special summons. Normal summons can be exchanged with gems, however, special summon tickets can only be purchased mainly with real money. You can use gems to purchase as well, but it's locked behind limited quantities for both daily and weekly purchases. Here is the problem, event exclusive gacha is locked behind Special Summons! You can only use special summon tickets to pull, and if you don't buy the limited daily and weekly special summon tickets and stock pile them from day 1, well, you will need to spend real money if you want more. It takes 70 pulls to give you 1 guaranteed event exclusive character, which will at least cost you around $350USD (this is with 60% off on the special summon tickets purchase, which I'm not sure if it's 60% off first time purchase or during the duration of the event) if you are really unlucky. I had saved up enough gems for 100 pulls for the event just to get slapped in the face saying, "No can do! You can't use those gems. Real money ONLY!"

Lastly, at random times, they will drop a X character rate up gacha. 80 pulls will give you a guaranteed S character. Problem is, the rate up gacha only lasts 3 days. So you are basically expected to whale if you do decide to pull.

So in conclusion, if you ever want the event exclusive characters, expect the need to spend real money just to have a chance to get them. Unless of course, you get really lucky.

I do whale on games I really like, but this game's gacha system is just abysmal. In all the games I've ever played, I've never seen a game being so money hungry up to the point where you need to spend real money just to be able to participate in the event exclusive gachas.

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