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I've been waiting for this game for a while and I'm glad that it's finally here. I'm a big im@s and it was quite unfortunate that the game before this, Live on Stage, ended up being the disappointment that it was. But I'm happy to say that Growing Stars is an improvement in almost every single way! The gameplay has been improved substantially, now it's similar to most other rhythm games with the guitar grid. There are hold, swipe, and flick notes (sorry flick detractors). If you've played Million Live Theater Days, this game takes a whole lot from that gameplay wise. The game characters have Live2D animations for the story and is also fully voiced! The SSR cards also have animations as well, one in the lives and another when you limit break them twice which you can see on the home screen. The UI is also really good, it's very clean. Some new features are being able to recieve texts and calls from the idols.

There are more positives I can include but I feel like I should include some gripes I have as well. The gacha (or gasha as this game calls it) has a SSR rate of 4% which is actually higher than the most other gacha games, however with the new most recent banner coming out, the rate ups for the SSRs are pretty abysmal, only being a .6% increase and I really hope this is something they change in the future. Another is the stamina system. 100 stamina is the max and it doesn't go up upon level up. This wouldn't be a problem if Lives no matter the difficulty all cost 30 st and the refresh taking a while. Hopefully this gets adjusted as well. And also while I'm fine with the game just having 2D MVs with all the other improvements I mentioned earlier making up for it, but it is slightly disappointing this game doesn't have 3D MVs like the other branches. Maybe it could be added later but I doubt it, but like I said I don't mind it too much.

Edit: Well, looks like my pleas were answered! I do think it is a bit disappointing that they're not customizable like the other im@s games, but I absolutely love the look of them and can't wait for more to be added. And who knows, maybe we'll get customizable 3DMVs at a later date as well.

Those are the only problems I've had so far, the game is still in its infancy so these things can be improved upon over time. Overall I think the game is very polished and would recommend it to fellow im@s fans and rhythm game enjoyers!

You get a lot of content for the price and the gameplay is surprisingly good. Hope they will update the game with more content in the future.

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