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Simple turn based idle game so just relax and watch. There is no stories.Bgm sound is low quality. Very p2w but still manageable for f2p.Very waifuable too😍😍

Undecember | Korean


Its p2w game without gacha/lootbox
U can buy skill,rune even gears on auction or store.Well since this is rpg like diablo no matter.
No autoplay so is good
Graphics is good
Sound is great
Gameplay not bad.
Still worthed it to play

Languange: Korea
Specs: mediatek g88/snapdragon 720 for smooth 30fps gameplay.
Login:using floor no need vpn.
U can register at floor website and login with it.

Q1 2022 will be release global version as well on steam too.

Still no match for path of exile of course.Which is only true mmorpg.



Graphics,sound,handling,physic so.much better than RR3.Only downside is p2w element using season pass and lootbox.

Full p2w game and autoplay.It have season pass ,costume and equipment increase stats.
Size only 3.6gb and it's mmorpg not like genshin impact.
Graphics is good and have many graphics option even TAA is included😂😂.Game have 3 voices language:Japan,English and Korean.For fun is okay i guess.

If u know how to make this game running in android emulator please tell me.Thx

Seven Knights ll|Korean


Bad graphics i hate CA .Gameplay like playing dragon age even character kinda like hawke.Still dragon age origins still better than this.I want this game like oldies seven knight.But meh overhit is way better than this uninstalled.

Dragon Raja | Global


Good graphics for mobile.Not very p2w because f2p still can enjoy this game.And many gift from event.
I am lvl 88 at this game and easy to play and lvl up.U can get diamond easily from carrer and sell a gear.



Bless mobile....sigh after come up dead in PC come to mobile.Graphics ah just standard unreal engine for mobile(So typical nowadays).Gameplay just watch animation/autoplay.Gender lock .Yap not bad because it's already in english language.

NFS Heat Studio


Honestly this is not a game,it's studio app for nfs heat.U can make ur own car and transfer it to nfs heat later.It's good if u too lazy to design car in pc/console.And if u want to know car database in nfs heat.

Much better than new gundam breaker.Mission,event is good.Easy to play hard to control.Using EN/Stamina to play.Easy to get 4* parts but hard to manage squad limit.Still this good.I hope great gundam games for PC too.

Tetris® Royale


I hope tetris effect come to android,I am tired playing in PC.Even in lowest setting i think it will better than this game.This game is boring,music,gameplay,variation all boring



Perfect fps game for android,both pvp and pve is fun.And not p2w.F2p almost welcome.

This game is good but i just boring with turn based game like this.I want like console version.gacha rate is great btw and not much p2w

Gameplay is simple,just point and click and direct to enemy or just click enemy to attack.For gacha u need luck.No matter how many resources u put,even time u will get random ships.But timing record can be a guide to get rare ships.But like i say u will get random ships.This game is p2w because u can buy a weapon using diamonds.But is still great u can still competite in arena.Yeah gameplay is fun i guess.

OVERHIT | Global


Hah boring.Basically its only watching animation no need to play lol...Because it's too easy.And JP is much better than this. JP is easy so GLOBAL[發困][發困][發困]

Gacha and gacha.But good for free player too.U can get elder crate if u have patience.Just enjoy it no need to rush.Yeah it early access just wait for more features.Sound no VA for now,graphics is good.Animation kinda slow.

Super Gundam Royal


Great game for gundam fan.All gundam in here ....Woow
Great gift and generous gacha too.U can get 4 star so easy.My concern is why in portrait mode,better in landscape i think,few VA too.Little complicated if u dont know japanese(just use google then).

Yeah gameplay just like pc but stupid auto is always in mobile...Haha boring.Graphics not bad for mobile.

Great game.Hack n slash with weapon choices and skill.Boring repetitive quest though

Great game just like PC version but unlimited skill and potion is limited(I know is mobile game).Still this game is fun.Only minor is chinese voices(Korean is original) and autoplay....(meh)

Worst game I ever played
Very2 p2w(gacha roll give u mythical gear and u can buy it with real money)
Autoplay,sound is crappy,animation good,graphics standard,Open world but limited

Jangan main bro jelek banget ni game!!!

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Yeah this game is good,but auto [汗顏][汗顏] Read Note
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