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Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi


not my cup of tea, plays exactly like One Piece Bonbon Journey.

-long tutorial before you can summon x10( as of launch no rewards have been given out)

-your summon currency is also your upgrade currency(Gold)

+music is very nice as all DQ titles
+good story and cute characters
+gameplay is easy to understand even if its not your language

<CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta>

its literally the same gameplay experience on PC, you still get shitty teammates but now its on your phone😅🤣👌hope they eventually have text translation, cause i cant understand my teammates chat

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Play Treasure Cruise together! 
Join forces for an epic adventure! 
Intense tap-based battles!
Assemble your own crew! 
Complete the mission to get 
a total of 20 summons worth of rewards!
Invite Code: 49333091145
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