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Dark Rebellion | Japanese


i try this game due to the artwork that is pretty nice and the choice of voicing also interested me a lot, gameplay is ok so if you are interested for something new, give a try.
I will keep an eye on artbooks from that series.

Ikki Tousen


Got interested by this game only because of the franchise, was a fan of the series.
Honestly it's boring, the game run smoothly so no crash that's a good point however the rest does not even make you feel you want to play more.
You need to spend money at early stage here and there pretty much constantly, you don't really have controls of characters, animation combats are somewhat note really "Ikkitousen" like (explosion and some fireball, what the....?).

Well for now I imagine only people who played so far are Ikkitousen fanbased but it's not a good beginning start.

Underground Symphony


was intrigued by this game at first, it's just the beginning however the gameplay is not that practical. you get the feeling that it as a lag response when requesting an action. camera isn't great either as you cannot view what your character does at times.
it fairly new so it's understandable for now let see in 3 or 4 month after launch day

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why every time i update via qooapp this game, i cannot launch it aftr on Galaxy S9 ? something is odd.  Read Note
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